We had an early morning entrance into Stone Henge, inside the stones. There were some friends of the leaders that joined our group that day. And there was a separate group to two.

When we arrived there were two birds that flew off. Some on the bus noticed, and suggested it was marking our arrival. Leaving the Tor yesterday, Marcus also said it was a bird flying over that he took as the sign of completion.

I was conscious of walking into the circle. I was conscious of the inner circle. I walked around counter- clockwise without thinking, in between different stones.  

We did a group circle meditation. One of the women that came to join us that day played a large drum. We were bringing the wisdom and new energy down from the Sun into the Earth. The energies were meeting at the heart. A golden pillar expanded to self, expanded to the group, expanded to the outer circle of stones. There was more, but I don’t remember.

When the group was complete, I took my shoes off and sat right there. Someone commented on the rook that was sitting on one of the entry stones. It had been there since we arrived. I laid down. Closed my eyes. Connected. Said hello. I don’t know how long I laid there. When I came back, it was magical to open my eyes and see the stones all around me, to know I am in the center of Stone Henge.

A short time later, I saw Marcus at the gate ready to leave so I went back to the group.

Then my day got hectic with more personal items.

Next, we went to Knoll Down. A lane of Beech trees appeared, and my heat sang. Two friends that joined us that day, Sheila and Buffy, had wind chimes. They stood on each side of the lane. They must have been standing up on tree stumps because we got to walk between and under them. It touched me so deeply. It was beautiful, magical and I connected. There were two trees standing side-by-side I needed to walk through and touch. We followed the magical path down into a ditch, then up, and then down into a bowl.

We sat in circle here. This is an additional ley line feeding straight from Stonehenge to Avebury. This is a power spot. We did another golden pillar meditation touching this next acupuncture point. The golden pillars we create are the needles.

I connected again on the way out. I just stood with my back to a tree that called to me, and I leaned against. it. Then there were the same two two trees standing side-by-side that called to me on arrival, called again at departure and I needed to walk through and touch each of them.

It was still hectic with texts in between.

Next, we visited Avebury. At the first landing point, there were only four stones remaining from the original circle. There were two together, one at the far side and one to the right of the two at least midway around. Michael came in from the stone opposite. Mary came in from the right. They squeezed together between the two but did not cross.

We did circle meditation here again, touching the next acupuncture point before both lines went out again.

We walked to another field amongst the stone. There is a concrete block marking where the lines cross. Further up there are two stones side-by-side again, and again the two ley lines squeeze together to flow between them.

We did another circle here. This time we brought movement to it and moved clockwise around the circle. Sheila was drumming and a part of the circle and we danced around her.

I was still texting between meditations.

Then we went to lunch. Here, Kate & I started to hang out more. Caroline joined us.

At lunch time, I received the news I needed. All was resolved around one of the personal issues, the one taking all the texting time and focus. Weight lifted.

After lunch, we went to the Sanctuary. It is a circle, marked by where stones were and where wooden posts were.

I took my shoes off for ceremony here. We did our last golden pillar meditate here, sending the energies out into the world from this point. There used to be two columns of stones from Avebury circle to this point.

I have been asking to receive all that is available to me now. I have been offering to be of greater service where I can be. I am showing up.

At Cadbury Castle, when I sat in that flow, I was singing something about bringing back the memories. I was also aware of the channeling where Akhenaten was waking me up to remember my divinity as Nefertiti. It felt connected to this timeline of Arthur and Guinevere.

There was a second time I did the forehead / 3rd eye opening bit, running my fingers from the center of my forehead, just over my eyebrows, out across to my temples. 

That night I received an Email changing the second personal issue I had going on. Suddenly, all my external pressures are alleviated. I am free to focus on the pilgrimage again.

That night our second leader, Marcus, tested positive.