I woke from a dream with: We are taking the brakes off, or, the brakes are coming off. Something like that anyway. It is happening or has happened.

In the dream, I heard myself laugh and say, “I didn’t know the brakes were on!”

In the waking state, I recognize this particular laughter is one I use to break up energy so I don’t get stuck in it. As I can see this mechanism now, it is time to address more fully this underlying fear that sits there. It is not to go deeply into the fear itself, for that too is just a pointer like the outward laughter is. It is to address the core, I do not like to use the word “wound”, but that is the word coming to me in the moment. For sake of flow, I will use it. It is time to address and resolve / dissolve the core issue. I started to say – or as we all know, address another layer of it. But I could not write that. I believe we are coming to a point where we are throwing off all the last vestiges of 3-D reality. I believe that we are coming to a point, where even having a physical body on this physical earth will no longer automatically bind us into 3-D ties / magnetics. I am okay with knowing this, and with starting to see where I can change my words and my beliefs.

Back to the dream – it was with regard to the 4/10 axis of my astrology chart. The brakes were coming off the 10th, the where I am going and the being seen.

Yep, all the work I have done to this point simply allows me to see the fear that still sits there. It is actually amazing how far I have come. I see it still scares me, as I believe I woke from the dream as though it was a shock to my system. And, I feel it in my body a half an hour later as I have been writing to get this one out in the moment of it.

In the dream, it was not scary. In the dream, there was much gold around the 10th, maybe leading to the 10th now.

In the immediate space upon waking and looking at it, it made sense around our new home, and having roots for the first time in a very long time. But there is another layer. This is the first time in this life-time that I have chosen the roots. I have created them deliberately by feeling deeply into what it is that I really want. The roots before, the homes before were more on default or automatic.

In the conscious realm, I have felt the power in choosing to create a base a Glastonbury. I have watched the absolute perfection and ease of fluidity in which this has landed when I simple said I wanted to explore it: the ideas, the move, the logistics, the finances, the welcoming, and the opening. Today I have the first person coming to me for assistance in moving forward in their life, or in empowerment, who was simply referred to me by a mutual acquaintance.

Again, so many thoughts landing. Most seem to be rambling, but then new threads and insights do lead out from them.

The core is creating this base consciously, going deeper into the “home” energies of this planet. This opens and allows the next spiral of taking my stand in the world and even in really seeing where it is that I am going.

So, in the writing of this, I also see that stability and security in the 4th opens the 5th in having the foundation to now express myself.

As I went through my earlier waking up, I saw the core belief was “I am not supposed to exist.” Tied directly into that was my absolute terror at being seen.

Today, I learn we are taking the brakes off. I am going to be seen. The old fear is definitely available for me to go back into. Yet, I know I have been deliberately calling in being willing to be seen. I desire to open my lifepath – not sure that is the best word there – so be a little expansive in your interpretation of that. So, what is the medicine? How do I move forward? I believe it is about, yes, seeing the old mechanism is fine, but no longer giving it attention. I remember how the “gold” in the dream felt around the 10th house. I know the bliss I have felt in the last few days of having arrived in this new home.

I am choosing to focus on where I am going. I am choosing to refocus my attention on the momentum I am creating and what I want. I notice I am breathing deeply into my belly and feeling safe here in my new anchor point and connection with the Earth and the Sky. I will also consciously start to bring this feeling of the gold in. That seemed to be where I am going, as in it is available now to me as I walk that direction.