I woke up this morning thinking about being part of a team. My understanding of that in a concrete manner really comes from watching both my children as they participated in sports and shared their experiences.

I remembered a night with two friends of mine, where, in the observation of it back then, I recognized that was the first time in my life I felt like I was part of the group, like my being there made a difference. I was in my mid-30’s. That was a big jump. And I recognized the change in me when it happened.

Last night, Rick and I did a channeled session, and afterwards, in trying to put words to an observation I had, I said I had felt different during the session. I put the word majestic to it, or royalty. It felt as though I was resting on majesty, not being majestic. It just was. Resting is a fairly new concept for me also. I heard the word long before I could put a feel to what it was pointing to.

As concepts were landing or unpacking this morning, I re-looked at that feeling I brought attention to last night. Like that recognition of that shift all those years ago, I felt another shift has been made in this ability and understanding of being a team member. I “belong” on a new level.

I think the analogy I played with the other day on Yeshua and Spirit taking up the entirely of the defense aided in seeing this, this team member bit, and brought in new understandings, empowerment, for me. I have a team fully supporting me. Yes. And, I also have a role to play within this team.

And underlying these thoughts, I was aware that when I started my “life focus” about a month ago, Sanat Kumara came forward and suggested that my reach out was “perhaps more a step of becoming an active team member with us.”

I do feel that energy of last night was a shift, a shift in levels of consciousness, or a shift in base vibration. But after this morning’s contemplation, I also feel it is opening the next step towards that which Sanat Kumara has pointed.