I started working with Caroline Myss’ Sacred Contracts book again. I delved into it years ago, and remember really learning a lot about myself from it. As we started getting more information on archetypes, it came to mind as a possible place to play again. Yes, I know the archetypes talked about in the book are a stepped down energetic from the higher archetypal energies now offered to us to reach for. Yet, it seemed to me if I took the time to do the work as she had put together, it would give me a place to put focus to allow things to land. It is a playground. Maybe a new way of presenting archetypes will land, a new way of seeing them, choosing to access them.

I had finished reading all the archetypes available from the book, and had chosen ones that stood out to me. I am aware I do not have all the correct ones yet. I was reading the list of questions to work with each archetype on, and before going to do the homework, I read a piece about one person’s choices. It talked about how he dismissed the Scribe because he was actually a Writer, and a Scribe only copied manuscripts. I recognized I had not even thought about the Scribe, it seemed clerical, mundane, of no value to me. But I recognized from this person talking about it, that I needed to consider if the Scribe is one of my main archetypal companions.

It has not taken long to realize my intuition is so much more knowledgeable than my intellect / rational mind. I transcribe all of our channelings. This is a huge amount of my time. I had transcribed much of the Mastering Alchemy work as we went through that program. I have used doing the transcriptions myself to pull the energetics out of the teachings and to anchor them or crystalize them within me. It is very powerful for me. And then I remembered that was how I passed Actuarial exams all those years ago. I wrote out all the formulas, the concepts, the information. And I rewrote it. And I wrote up study notes in a way that when I used them to study, I was writing out the answers.

This has been a very powerful in my life to bring information into myself to make it tangible, usable. It crystalizes it for me. It moves the energy through my being. I often have immediate access to past channelings we have done. When a topic or question comes up, I can often immediately pull up a transcription from earlier that is helpful again on the subject. I also find I have access to just sharing the information verbally that was given. It has become mine, the pieces I wanted to take in anyway. This also has made it very easy for me to integrate different topics. By having pieces written, it is easy to play with different bits by different teachers and have my own integration and correlation take form.

As I never valued it before, I never understood Thoth being a scribe, or the importance of bringing writing to Egypt. Some have even said it was a detriment. But as we fell in dimensions, or consciousness, we lost our higher connections. We lost our knowings. As I see it now, one way we tried to keep the knowledge and the energetics was by writing what we knew, becoming scribes. And when we look at Egypt and the history that remains, the energetics, the flow of energy, has been inscribed into rock. Scribe takes on a new meaning. We used the Scribe archetype back then to try to hold the knowledge we had. We put our energetics, how we held it, into the living rock in the hieroglyphs.

And today, I am using the power of this same Scribe archetype to pull me out of forgetfulness back into knowingness. Amazing how I can utilize something my whole life and not give it any value at all. Now that I am aware of it, I shall begin to play with what it can do for me. I hold much appreciation for this discovery. It has been very fun.