I was reading “The Magical Battle of Britain” by Dion Fortune this morning.

“How can those who do not occupy a position of influence play their part in bringing in the New Age? … Upon the physical plane they can do little or nothing, but in the kingdom of the Unseen they can exercise a potent influence if they make use of that knowledge which is power – the ancient, secret wisdom of the Mystics. There are two ways in which this power is exercised, and the one is ineffectual without the other.

“Ignoring the grim spectre of actuality and practicality, … let them discern the ideal archetypes upon the Inner Planes. Individuals must dare to live in the light they have discerned … before it has come through into the physical plane; by doing so, they themselves actually bring it through into the physical plane and it then in manifestation, and what is in manifestation can no more be thrust into limbo again than the chick be put back into the egg. There it is, and it has to be reckoned with.”

Yes! Woohoo! I so get this one. These are great words for how I envision bringing in the Golden Age, as I have taken to call it. It feels like a confirmation, a validation of what I am doing and seeing.

So, onto the next page and the second way this power is exercised.

“In order to exert this subtle but effectual influence, for no lever can work of itself, … this power is set free by sacrifice. … They will suffer for their opinions, but if they persevere while suffering, the pain and distress they undergo thus voluntarily can be dedicated to the service of mankind; it will then exert pressure on that great lever whose fulcrum is not on this plane and which can move mountains.”

Damn. I have heard this so many times in so many ways and I do not believe it. I do not know if I would have believed it in 1942 when it was written. In this moment, I do not know what the consciousness on the earth plane was then as compared to now. I acknowledge it may have been necessary to move things then. Now, I declare we are done with suffering and the need to suffer to move forward.

But, there is a remnant of it, another way of viewing it, that I do see and have seen. I still have experiences that would look to others that I am or should be suffering. It doesn’t mean I stop living. It does not take away experiences. It may add to them, I am not certain. But these experiences, in my experience so far, do not need to be pain or distress or anxiety or worry. They are simply opportunities for me to practice and advance my mastery in the “ideal archetypes” I have chosen to bring down. This is my definition of a “test”. Can I do it? It is a real playground to try it out on.

A side note that came within this train of thought was a beautiful gift, a new sight. In my mastery and my knowing of how to create now on this earth plane, I understood why I have not channeled the book I’ve wanted to write. I understood why no non-physical being will ever tell me what to do even when I ask with intensity. I understand why I always heard the words, “You are the teacher you are looking for.” I really get it. It is because I deemed it so. Like a two-old-old, I wanted to do it myself. I wanted to find my own way. And not one of my non-physical best friends would ever override what I planned, what I wanted, no matter how much of a temper tantrum I threw. What a joy this understanding is … finally. I get to unwrap who I am at my own delicious pace. I get to write the book(s) (or blogs) that I want to bring through in the words that feel right to me. I get to find my way. But never, ever alone. Always supported. Always held. Always loved.