There were 7 of us at dinner last night, and 7 heading out for the day – with Sheila & Buffy as our guides.

We started at Wayland Smithy today, the blacksmith that forged Excalibur and other significant swords. We went to the Long Barrow. I walked around it first. I felt the energy of the two trees at the far end. I hope I said hello.

We were each smudged with sage. Then we were invited to lie, one at a time, in the opening to the barrow. Most of it was blocked off, so we couldn’t go in very far. As we each took a turn, the others drummed, used singing bowls, sang, etc.

I was the first to say yes to this offering, and when it came to it, I went in first. I laid down. I connected to the land, to the Earth, and to my next steps. I am showing up. I listened to the sounds. When they were complete, I took a few breaths until I felt complete. As I stepped out, I heard myself declare, “I feel like that was a rebirth. I wonder who I am now.” It was in coming back out of the rock that I felt that, like I passed through a plane.

After my turn, the rest went. I took off my shoes. I drummed a bit, toned a bit, sang a bit.

I feel things are about to move quickly again into a new life.

I am writing again on the bus. There is so much energy. I am not needing to sleep.

Lunch with the group. I decided I wanted to stand, and there was really room for just 6 at the picnic table. People started to make room. I said, “Don’t. I prefer to stand.” One of the women got up to give me her seat and kept pushing. I actually pushed back and said, “No. I don’t want to. My feet are planted on the ground.” She said something about making my stand and this would be the fiercest of our arguments. And so it was.

Then we went out to Dragon Hill, the White Horse, and Uffington Castle. There was a wedding ceremony taking place on Dragon Hill, so we started up the other way. We walked the paths, and we sat on the land. I needed to walk to each place. I had so much energy. While pausing, I noticed I felt pulled to walk. I thought I might need to start getting out more. We sat at the top of the White Horse/Dragon and just meditated. Two little girls, ages 2 and 4, wanted to say hi and so we did.

I needed to go up to Uffington, so Kate, Fiona, and I did. It was great, and I don’t know why, but I seemed to be in a hurry. When we headed back to Dragon Hill, the wedding party had mostly left. Down and then up the hill, I met the bride and groom right at the top as they were leaving, and I congratulated them.

I went to a chalk spot. I felt the wind pick up. I did something with my arms – up and then down. I spun in circles. I squatted, facing the Horse. I put my hands on the earth. I stood facing the trees. Then we gathered in a circle for meditation and then headed back to the cars and the bus.

I have had a focus on my 3rd eye and it opening more. There is also more sound coming out of me, mostly humming.

When we got to the bottom of the hill, the bride and groom were just getting in their car to leave the area. We climbed into the cars waiting for us and left in procession after the bride and groom.