A couple days ago, I had an experience. My intention was to “prepare” my new tree tarot deck for use. I used my notes on correspondences and my intuition to create rituals to cleanse, consecrate, and protect. This, by the way, is another something I said I was not interested in and wouldn’t bother to do not very long ago. I felt drawn to do the blessing, making the cards sacred or holy for my use, outside. I used the four elements. When I made a circle around the cards, I could feel it. I could feel the energy of the circle. In that energy, I knew I needed to be in the circle for a while and there were probably words I said or thought. I stayed in that energy, and it maybe even grew, as I used a pendulum to protect the energies. I took notes of what I was doing and my experiences. And I asked the first question of deck.

That all seemed normal to me. I would not have thought twice about it in those energies and those thoughts. When it was done, I would have just moved on to the next item I wanted to do, like making a bed or following up on some business payments.

In the meantime, however, the smoke detector upstairs started chirping. I went to go change the battery, but I got light-headed when I stood on the ladder and tried to read how to take the cover off it. I went back downstairs, shutting doors and then turning Alexa on to bird chirping so the alarm chirping would not be heard. In the midst of continuing the energy work, I reached out to our assistant to see if she remembered how she had opened it. There were several Emails back and forth. I found the detector cover said there was not a battery that could be replaced inside. It was one thing after another that just didn’t work. At some point, I recognized every time I got sidetracked into fixing this, from where I was in working with the energies, that I got irritated. Eventually I recognized that was not normal for me. I do not normally get irritated. Only then was I able to start to understand the importance to me of the “work” I was doing. I don’t know what I thought it was. Or I didn’t think because it just felt so normal, but the energy was real. The little stuff I did was what I am starting to recognize as ceremony.

Interesting to see the changes in me. Interesting to see what is normal to me and also interesting to recognize what is not normal to me.