I wish to draw your attention to potentials for change, and manner of changes. There is an expectation for a change over time, perhaps a gradual change. At the end of a period of a year, one might look back and notice that there has been significant change in the year. This is common enough.

I wish to draw to your attention that in the direct work that you are addressing now, there is the potential for a spontaneous change. This occurs when the spiritual body holds consistently a certain energy, a certain frequency, shall we say, and the mental and emotional bodies continue, for a while, to hold their patterns of response. Their patterns of response may even become more highlighted as this goes through.

And then, there can be a sudden release of resistance point, where, for the survival of the group it is perceived necessary to change, to try something different. I wish to draw this to your attention that there is this possibility for a very marked shift. As you hold that at the conscious level, then the potential for that is accentuated.

When such a shift occurs, it is useful to increase one’s awareness of the older pattern, shall we say, to be aware of a potential slip back which can occur through focusing upon some of the older patterns. I want to suggest to you that when such a change happens, this is a good time to continue to hold to the new vibration level that has been established, to continue the process of letting go of the mental speculation into analysis of what has happened, and simply to allow a period in which things may happen from this new level.

It is simply the case that within the humanity consciousness level that when different harmonics are being held by spiritual body in relation to mental and emotional, that there is then an instability, shall we say, in the consistency of patterns that are introduced. The consciousness will seek to re-establish a stability. So, in the process of what we are doing here, the leadership of the spiritual body that we are establishing is holding a certain level that will command the levels of mental and emotional to realign around the new frequency level of manifestation that is being established.

And therefore, be prepared, my friend, for a rapid change that may catch you by surprise. In so far as it lands, let go then of the mental consideration of analysis while that stability is maintained.