Let us now hold a space and feel the energy. Feel, if you will, the frequencies of energy. Let us see if we can bring more meaning to this term frequency.

Let us hold, recognize, intend to feel, a frequency of spiritual body, a frequency for mental body, for emotional body, and for physical body. Let us start now with feeling a frequency for the spiritual body, whatever that may mean to you. There will be a feeling, a certain lightness. There is associated with this lightness, a certain separation, like the blue skies over the land.

There is a feeling of sunlight in this analogy. There is a feeling of expansiveness. There is a linking to a lighter consciousness.

There is a separation from the lower frequencies of the mental and emotional bodies.

Visualize, if you will, the idea of a string with a weight attached, where the string is held high up. Low down, on the end of that string, there are energies represented here by mental and emotional which push and create an out-of-alignment of the truer vertical. As your attention and your intention aligns with the spiritual component here, we are saying the fingers that hold the upper end of this length of strength, there comes a point where the fingers holding that string become the aligning force and necessarily the lower weight will begin to align vertically beneath this higher point that is held.

It may come at a point of tiredness, where the consistent pushing of the weight in our imagery and analogy behind becomes sufficiently tiring that it has given up and a new alignment is accepted.

Let us notice then, in terms of frequency, the relative difference between this spiritual frequency that is held, and the feel of the frequency associated with the mental body. There is a certain noise to the mental body.

Let us adjust further to those frequencies of emotional body. Let us notice that there is a more physical force associated with that, a sense of pushing, or pulling. There is a certain interplay and feedback between this mental body and this emotional body. And yet, from this perspective, we are viewing from that higher, lighter level of the spiritual body.

As the mental body and emotional body is viewed, there is an energy, a potential, a capability of beingness that is now being claimed by the spiritual body.

There is this difference between the essence of you and the beingness that you are holding, manifesting. That sense of beingness may be held at the spiritual body level, or it may be allowed to rest at the mental body level, or indeed, it may rest at the emotional body level.

The physical body level is more a reflector of that which is being held. It provides a feedback mechanism.

The spiritual component may work directly with the physical, reflecting itself into the physical. This process allows an acceleration of that process of realignment of mental and emotional bodies.

The spiritual body does not impose, utilizing levels of force, onto mental and emotional body. To do so, would, in fact, be part of the mental body mimicking, claiming to be operating at the level of the spiritual body. The spiritual body holds a much finer frequency that does not push in that way. That finer frequency holds a clarity. It is a viewpoint. The mental and emotional will realign around a harmonic of that which is being held. And then, the experience is adjusted.

Thereafter, fine adjustments may be made at the level of the spiritual body which will become much more easily reflected in the harmonically aligned mental and emotional bodies.

The noise of mental and the pushing of emotional components may seek to claim control of the level of beingness, particularly when issues of survival are engaged. The body consciousness is habitually more aligned with mental and emotional bodies in terms of imposing a response to perceived concerns and threats. These components, without leadership from spiritual body, develop their own patterns of behavior.

As the viewpoint of the spiritual is maintained, and the level of beingness is maintained at that level, and not persuaded to release its vantage point and position of control to body consciousness interacting with mental and emotional, then this realignment process rapidly engages. With clarity of leadership, there is then a restructuring of alignments within the physical body where the vibrational levels held, although still in lower frequency levels than that maintained by spiritual level, they nevertheless maintain a harmonic.

As a harmonic vibration is maintained, then the feeling of well-being reaches into the physical vehicle. It allows the rebalancing and healing of any conditions that exist within the physical. It allows for a harmony of experience and action. The spiritual body, where you may then center your sense of beingness, this spiritual body may take its vibrational cue from that more expanded nonphysical part of yourself.

The strength that is established is different from that sense of strength associated with force at the physical level. The strength is the deliberate alignment around the higher frequency levels which cause these lower levels to become entrained.

There may be a temptation when there is a disturbance at the body consciousness level, engaging with mental and emotional components. There may be a tendency to pull the center of beingness down to the mental level with attempt to work out a solution, pushed by the emotional level that may be reflecting upon and desiring to avoid previous uncomfortable experiences from repeating.

As that pull to engage in the lower frequencies of mental and emotional, influenced by body consciousness, as that pull is felt, the refocus of the spiritual level does not cause those other vibrational levels to change immediately. Its role is more to hold that center of beingness at that more refined level and allow a resettling of the other vibrational levels around that.

Therefore, the pull may be felt, but with your conscious awareness and intention to hold a stillpoint in the spiritual body, then there is a settling down of any harmonic discordance. Many actions that may seem to need to be addressed immediately, emergencies felt at the emotional level, which are in essence pulls off center, may be simply allowed to be present with this refocusing at the spiritual body level, the holding of that higher vibration, higher frequency until such time as there is a re-harmonization and then a clarity, an obviousness of decision.

The process of channeling itself is an alignment of beingness at the spiritual body level, while simultaneously aligning that with higher spiritual frequencies. The managing of life from this spiritual body vibrational level delivers that experience of being in this world, but not of this world. The experience of operating from a beingness within the mental and emotional bodies delivers the experience of being of this world.

My friends, I desire to draw your attention one more time to a tangible feel of frequency, for so much can be accomplished through this expanded awareness of frequencies.

Let us focus again, just for the last short period now, on the vibrational feeling of the spiritual body, and feeling also the vibrational frequency range of the mental body, and of the emotional body. Let us also notice the vibrational range of the body consciousness. Let us also notice a sense of feeling of vibrational level of the physical body itself, which has a lighter, more responsive capability to respond and reflect rapidly any of the other four frequency levels we have been reviewing.