The body consciousness side has shifted. And this is part of that which is happening for each of you now, where the changes are impacting into the physical, into the way and ease with which you will communicate going forth, and also into the manner of holding and the manner of utilizing and expressing through these physical bodies. There is a change in the body consciousness. This change in the body consciousness is highlighted by the return of the deer to your garden.

You may notice in the deer a certain body posture, where there is the physical body at rest and at ease. There is also a verticality of the neck and the head. There is an alertness. Part of what you connect to as you become increasingly aware of body consciousness is another aspect of body consciousness, and that is its ability to connect with other species in the physical. Typically, there will be some fear within various, shall we call them, wild animals, species, those that are not domesticated.

As they are connected to their own body consciousness, they are aware of your body consciousness, but they are also aware of the change in energy that arises as a result of the inter-operation, the interaction of the human mental body, imposing a disharmonic set of frequencies in relation to the body consciousness. As that changes, there is then a change in the energy of your body consciousness, and this symbolically supported and reflected today by nature, expressly for your benefit, and by way of acknowledgement.

I now invite you to connect with the breath. I invite you to connect with that upper part of the star tetrahedron. May I suggest that you consider and notice a line from above your head, going forward towards the feet. The orientation of male and female is not so significant here in the way it has been previously described to you. It may be more comfortable to have two lines going forward from the head to your feet, or a single line in the front and two in the back. Feel what feels right for you.

In those lines, feel an energy of support flowing back from the base, the physical base to this point above the head, a structure supported. Within the comfort of this structure, let us feel body consciousness. There is a center in the belly region for body consciousness. Let us allow that to be felt, but also recognize that it is expansive. It spreads out, filling this tetrahedral space.

Notice the ease and comfort as we engage this energy and allow it to be more freely engaged. Even as you connect through levels above to spirit, your connection to the earth and groundedness is through this body consciousness. If you employ its harmonics, without damping or restriction, then that body consciousness may expand and connect with animals, such as this deer, and other aspects of nature. This body consciousness is harmonically very much on this level of nature.

As you may be considered to be aspects, viewpoints, of the All That Is, so body consciousness may be considered to be aspects of and viewpoints of nature, the interplay of nature. It has ever been that those who have attained this harmony with this body consciousness, this energy of nature, have been able to communicate effectively with other aspects of nature.

I invite you, my friends, to pull back slightly, to look from a broader perspective at your arrival at this home. The deer were instrumental in welcoming you. Nature has provided this joyful connection through starlings. And now, as we settle in here a little deeper in this home, you may recall the idea of beginning to ground more fully. In this context, this is not so much an onerous process of driving an energy stake into the ground. It is becoming aware of this nature of this body consciousness energy that operates with you, to some degree though you. This body consciousness expanded offers deeper connection to Sanat Kumara, and the realm of Sanat Kumara quite directly.

Let us pause for a moment and tune into this. Notice now as you are becoming increasingly aware of frequencies in a tangible fashion. Feel the vibrational level of this body consciousness as it exists, not simply within yourselves, but also in the deer that has visited us, and that continues to hold a pole in this meditation.

The body consciousness is an aspect, a holographic aspect of the entirety of nature on this planet. Therefore, it gives you vast access, easy access, nurturing and loving access into this deeper level of awareness that has been highlighted in the energy of both of you. Let us continue to tune into this frequency of this body consciousness energy, a range of frequencies. It may help you to tune into the frequency in the deer, and then to see that also reflected in your own bodies.

In human societies, you typically hold different jobs, different areas of expertise that you explore. This body consciousness energy may likewise hold, on behalf of nature, different roles, different jobs in different species. Earth-bound species are connected at a deep level. Through this body consciousness is the process by which nature evolves.

As a side note, my dear friends, fear not for species that come and go, for it is the determination of nature as to which aspects are most appropriate for it to bring forth and to experience in this co-creation with humanity. The essence of nature spirit continues while expressing through different forms in its evolutionary process. Thereby is a masterful reflection in the physical of the fundamentals of spiritual domains.

There is now taking place within each of you, a clearing of energy within these physical bodies, a greater level of transparency, an energetic enlightening and a certain quickening. There is available to you a certain harmonic that is well-represented in your physical bodies now.

Let us take the concept of the tetrahedron and allow there to be present, a star tetrahedron structure, embracing the physical body. Let us allow that star tetrahedron structure to be permeated with this energy of nature, that spirit may be grounded in this energy of nature.

Feel now, if you will, the extension of this network of energy, which is the interconnection of nature and the nature species. Bound within these frequencies and ranges is access to those realms of nature spirit that you hold dear. There is nothing to be done, other than the recognition, the allowing of this merging by invitation.

There is a coherence in the energy of these nature fields. The suggestion is that you allow spirit frequencies, mental frequencies, emotional frequencies, to operate on a harmonic of that energy. This allows the bringing forth of the most beautiful alignment. It allows a flowing access to intuitive wisdom, intuitive and synchronistic wisdom.

Let us feel now this energy of welcome and invitation.

You may feel that the energy of the connection of spirit into the body is not really spirit into body, but it is spirit into nature spirit. There is a harmonizing and an interlocking. And, out of that, is generated a physical body which is a reflection of that union. It is not that you connect to the physical body in order to connect to nature, but rather that the body is the result of that connection. Therefore, perhaps, the clarity arises within you, the recognition of the significance of harmonizing spirit to nature spirit for the generation of well-being represented in the physical.

I draw your attention once more to the living sentinel, the deer, in your beautiful garden, as a representation of the successful establishment of this connection. There is always more to say, my friends, but let us have just a few moments of silence here to feel this connection, this bonding with nature spirit.

There are many small points established once a connection in this bonding of spirit to nature spirit is made. Perhaps a physical analogy would be in the design of your Velcro strips, where many little hooks hook into many little eyelets. This process is firmly established over time in the womb, where sufficient harmony is established at a greater lifetime connection for the evolutionary advancement of both parties, and also, of course, my friends, for the sheer joy of it.

You may replay in your mind, recognize that moment of connection of your own spiritual nature with the nature spirit, the joy of the connection, the joy of the yes, the joy of the agreement to expend a lifetime experience together.