I invite you to come back to this session when you find yourself in an energetic space that is uncomfortable and yet familiar to you. From that space, I invite you to look at the mechanism. This is not so much a point for discourse and discussion, but it is a point of inspection. Notice that a particular recurring pattern is being highlighted. In the understanding and the elimination of this pattern, it is not so much a question of words of explanation, but the opportunity to perceive it directly for what it is. And it is presenting itself to you.

I would like to invite to your attention this energy that you have felt before. Notice if there comes a particular point of release, where you suddenly much became lighter. And then again, notice there has now been a point where this energy of some particular difficulty has become more established. So, this is our opportunity with the pursuit of this session to review, while the situation is present and live, to review energies being felt. This is not a process of analysis. This is a process of vision.

Let me guide you through the opportunity. The opportunity is to stand back somewhat from the physical body and allow the physical body to show you the impact of body consciousness, combining with the energies that you bring to bear in addressing certain questions and issues.

Let us sit quietly here in this space and feel the energy. Let me also put attention on feeling the mechanism. This is not the same us analyzing the mechanism, my friend. This is feeling, not just the feeling, but feeling the mechanism. There is a slight adjustment of the filter of attention, for the mechanism that allows this energy to come through is a creation that holds itself in a slightly different vibrational space from the energy that it allows to come through. The attention normally goes to the energy that is allowed to come through and away from the mechanism that is permitting it to happen.

Let us now tune into the feeling, the energetic feeling of the mechanism itself. Take your time here.

Let me offer a little more information on these mechanisms in consciousness. When something happens that results in an uncomfortable feeling, the attention may be affixed on the uncomfortable feeling. But the uncomfortable feeling itself is not a mechanism. A mechanism is then built to address and manage that uncomfortable feeling.

In the presence then of an uncomfortable feeling, it is the vibrational level of this mechanism that we seek. This is also why such mechanisms are able to repeat, for people seek to address, particularly from the aspect of the mental body, the uncomfortable feeling that is manifested. Reasons are invited, imagined and created that may relate to it. And yet, even if such reasons are correct, insofar as such explanation may have been the cause of a creation, yet the mechanism that then perpetuates this energy is not on the same frequency. It is that that is to be felt for and, if you will, dissolved.

These mechanisms are held within the body consciousness. Let us now tune in further to this level of mechanism within body conscious. The mechanism that is built feels neither good nor bad. It is created as a director of energy.

As you tune into this energy level, this energy layer, that holds the mechanisms, there are many mechanisms within this level. Therefore, there is also a more specific attunement to engage the specific mechanism that you may be desiring to address.

Again, let me draw to your attention the process for accessing this specific energy level, this mechanism. There may be some initial attention on the feelings associated with a set of incidences, and yet the summoning is the bringing forth of holographic pattern that is allowing that energy flow to be created. There is an intent. This is not a matter of analysis. This is a matter of focus and summoning and focus and summoning.

There is a certain sinking into the layer of mechanisms. In a way, you could consider it to be a protected layer, for the intention of this is to allow a consistent experience, precisely to allow a repeating experience.

A possibility for the isolation of mechanisms is to watch, or to hold an idea of watching the energy flows. And yet, your attention is not then bound by the energy quality in itself, it is bound by watching the flow and how that flow is being acted upon, manipulated, manifested. One factor which helps in the isolation of these structures is a recognition that the structures that are usually of most interest from this perspective are of a somewhat coarser wavelength. The very subtle energetic directions that form part of underlying body functions are at a more harmonic layer.

These perceptions, changes, that we are interested in addressing, are at a higher level, typically less harmonically aligned, and yet, nevertheless connected into that body consciousness.

In summary, the key component is that in the face of, in the presence of emotional energy flows that may be uncomfortable, to reattune with intent to the underlying mechanism without attempt to figure that out. The intention to reattune to that allows that mechanism to be seen, at which point it may be reconfigured or dismissed.