There are many who are impacted, incapacitated, limited and restricted by the lack of awareness of the manner in which this relationship between the spiritual self and the body consciousness and physical body is being held.

The awareness into this space is opening a big opportunity. It is opening the door to a reversal of some conditions that have been prevalent in your experience of life, in your consciousness, for a good many years. There is an opportunity to reengineer your connection and relationship with the energetics and physicality of this body.

My dear friend, there has been an aspect of aggression that appears to have had results for you in the past. You may be noticing now a certain attitude, a strong attitude, towards what you are perceiving as the body consciousness. You may notice that you are perceiving potential results with this also.

Let me extend and offer a few comments. There is a breaking of the relationship as it has been, and a reset of the relationship with your physical body and body consciousness. As you are perceiving the differences, and stepping out of the conditioning through which you have persisted, then this breaking free makes good use of an energy of strength, of no-nonsense, of not being pulled in. It is my strong recommendation that you allow that flow, that space of aggression, to continue. This is not to make this the end goal, and yet it is this energy which is allowing a cutting through, with intention, of some of these ties.

I point out to you that this aggression is not so much in direction at the physical body. This is a direction at the energetic pulls that have held you, perhaps restricted you somewhat, and yet given you opportunities, certainly, for experience. And yet now there is this opportunity to loosen the nature of the reality that has held and bound you in relation to the physical body.

There is the opportunity for the restructuring of a new relationship. Yet initially, there is this energy of recognizing that which has become unacceptable to you with clarity and recognizing with clarity that much of this energy is a package of energy which is a co-creation between yourself and body consciousness. There is a habitual element such that body consciousness will continue to operate in that manner, and yet be capable of responding to a strong and awakening energy.

For your particular circumstances, it is my recommendation indeed that you allow this to play out. The reconnection with the strength and potency and decision-making nature of your being in a way that is not watered down through the historic connection that you have held with the body consciousness is important at this time.

There is indeed much to be gained by stepping out of the habitual thoughts, recognizing that the habitual thoughts are not yours, and yet perhaps also realizing that these habitual thoughts are not necessarily those of the body consciousness either. Yet the proximity of your relationship has led to a commonality of experience with certain energies. With this rising of awareness, this attention and focus, and this pointing to this particular space, there is a reconfiguration available, perhaps quicker than you may imagine.

And therefore, my friend, it is for you to play out this particular experience, and to arrive at the stability of a heightened and more enlightened viewpoint … and map in the process of getting there that easier path by which that transition may be made. There is therein the seed of potential empowerment for others addressing these issues, but who may yet have a lesser clarity.