The first step, my friend, is to work through this with regards to your own beingness. Be assured that the body consciousness is indeed on your side here and is aware and awake and alert to the potential changes. There will be an endeavor to meet you.

There is already formed this new relationship. It is in the physical in seed form. It is a transition. It incorporates the establishment of what you know as yourself at a somewhat higher vantage point in relation to the body. Vibrationally, there is a re-gaining of a level of harmony from spiritual levels which is to be maintained by a degree of separation of your awareness from the composite vibrational level that you have been experiencing in the body.

You recognize, my friend, as the habitual pull of that is to pull you back down to a lower vibrational level, there is a resistance to that. That is indeed appropriate. It is a “no” to that. And yet it is your leadership here which will allow and extend also the opportunity for the body consciousness to align with you in a mutually beneficial, a mutually rewarding, a mutually enriched and more awakened experience.

Also, this opens the door for the body consciousness to begin to demonstrate and operate its own expertise, its own awareness of its potential in relation to the physical body. There is much that can be done. This is not done by you, and yet it may be orchestrated by you as the conductor of that orchestra.

My anticipation is that there will be significant changes in bodily health that will be unmistakable as they come forth in and over the next 2 to 3 months. There will be markedly less emotional pull and engagement at more restrictive levels.

There is available this capability and clarity of leadership. The first space of leadership is not that of others, but in relation to this body consciousness, for that combination generates a composite set of frequencies. It is those frequencies which then may be felt and experienced by others.

The body consciousness, as one of its functions, reflects back to you aspects of yourself that you desire to change. And this reflection back comes at a deep level within all human beings, where that body consciousness is desiring to serve, desiring to please, desiring to contribute. As this relationship becomes more consciously obvious, and as it is deliberately shaped and realigned, there will be a deep flow of appreciation present between these two aspects in this physical body.

It is also practical to present to this body consciousness, to lay out a higher set of goals, of expectancies, if you will, from the capability of the body consciousness, for it has that ability to connect deeply with the energies of nature, and to draw upon that. In the nature of the relationship, as the body consciousness is not necessarily acknowledged, it may continue to serve. And yet, the enthusiasm and opportunity to serve at a substantially higher level is as joyful to this body consciousness as indeed the expansion and opening and stepping into your own abilities is to you. And indeed, as this happens, then the body consciousness is able to extend an example into the genetic chain for the advancement of the species.

Bring your attention now to feeling this combination of consciousnesses, of recognizing a potential for a growing mastery of physical in cooperation with this body consciousness.

Notice that there is an opportunity to hold something akin to a meditation space, while allowing the body consciousness to operate the body and address that which you desire to have addressed. There is then perhaps this sense of the body consciousness, one might say as the chauffeur of your physical vehicle, or organizationally, as your right-hand man, reliable and trustworthy, and benefiting from motivation, appropriate motivation.

Part of the process of allowing things to come to you is allowing the body consciousness to serve in helping to magnetize those things to come to you and helping to organize those things for you.

There is value to a certain discipline to be applied where appropriate. There is value to a relaxed awareness that yet maintains a clarity and a watchful eye over that which is unfolding, with opportunity to steer and adjust course, with not only maintenance of, but an enhancement to this sense of flow and effortlessness. This flow and effortlessness arises to a greater degree as the harmonics of the body consciousness and the spiritual aspect strike a harmony.