From this viewpoint, from my viewpoint of course, things are easy, aren’t they? Indeed, there is a lightness and an ease in the manner in which things might be done. The physical, by contrast, is a lesson in binding ideas into something that is relatively persistent. As you come up against those items that you wish to shift and change, there is energy connected to them, and there is the releasing, the freeing of that energy.

Let me draw reference, or make comment upon, the difficulty, for instance, in connecting to preferred energy at times. In the allowing of the body consciousness energy to come forward, that energy itself is a space of disconnection. From that space, the simplest path is in the allowing of it to be present, then that energy may dissipate. You might consider the activities of a young child that is shy or timid or upset. The expectation for an immediate connection at a different energetic level would be ambitious. There is instead a degree of coaxing or an allowing a time or a certain holding of that space to be engaged.

Another piece to comment on is the experience of accessing that more aggressive energy and yet being able to perceive it from an alternate viewpoint. It is helpful to recognize the energies held and maintained within this body consciousness as being separate from yourself, and yet, being willing to be present amidst them. For then, your capability of operating in life, even if they arise when you are engaged in situations, there is still this opportunity for you to be present and to effectively parent those energies whilst simultaneously being present to external circumstance. We have engaged upon some quite deep and fundamental changes with this particular approach.

We are looking here for different approaches. We are coming from the viewpoint of creators and saying. “So, given the understandings that you hold, can we create a viewpoint that will allow an unfolding of this interface into the physical and with the body that allows for more manageability, cooperation and harmony between what you feel is yourself and what we refer to as this body consciousness.