In starting to be aware of body consciousness, you may recognize a similarity to the conscious dream space. You will recognize the potentiality here that this dream space is not so much your own dream space, but a connection with this body-consciousness. Understand that this is not the essence of who you are, but rather that process of your letting go and allowing an engagement with the body-consciousness and the manner in which it moves and shifts.

Begin to hold a slightly raised flag, a slightly raised level of awareness in that observation of what is occurring. There is this space effectively of two consciousnesses, two levels of consciousness present within this body, that is what you may define as your own, but also what we are calling this body-consciousness. There is a potential for the better alignment of these energies. There has been both a level of cooperation, and there has also been a level of a distrust within this combination of consciousnesses.

Now, there is this sense of sitting back and of becoming increasingly aware of these levels. Out of that awareness, there is an increasing potential of a manner in which to manage and to bridge and to coordinate and harmonize these energies. I would have you also take this into the sleep space tonight and to recognize the body-consciousness as a friend, and to allow that potential for a harmonization of interests and experience, a cooperation in the expansion of beingness at both levels.

I invite you, particularly in relation to the sleep space, to focus your awareness into this consciousness that is part of your connection to the physical, and to allow a softening of the relationship.