I am stepping forward here because we are now reassessing this capability for empowerment with this particular path. We are finding, in conjunction with yourselves, this formulation of a message that may communicate more easily and effortlessly in the process of empowering others in that process of awakening. We follow this theme of effortless awakening.

There is a fundamental potency here in establishing the observer and that which is being observed as separate. This is a fundamental feature of the creation. The One Consciousness, in its process of opening and discovering itself, formed this concept of the observer. There is this sense of the All That Is in its formative stages, beginning to awaken to an idea of what it was or simply that it was. In our models of consciousness, there is the sense of an awareness that was not yet self-aware, but is aware. It is. There is a principle of is-ness established. Then there is a sense of movement within, a stirring within the All That Is, some part is beginning to awaken very literally to the sense of being aware of being aware, becoming, in essence, self-aware.

In that process of becoming self-aware, there has to be an awareness of, and for that to be perceived, there has to be a separation between the observer and the observed. They are very fundamental steps in the process of creation. This is reflected in the experience of your scientific experiments on earth, where an examination of the behavior of light can show it behaving either as a particle nature or as a wave nature, depending on the attitude of the observer and that which is being looked for. This is very fundamental.

This same principle, applied now into the individual consciousness of a human being, where that part that you most readily identify with, which is that spirit component, is able to recognize, that despite the fact that it is wearing the clothes of the body, and also the emotions of the composite beingness, it can now take the viewpoint that that is not what it is. And having taken that viewpoint that that is not what it is, then it opens up the potential for observation.

It opens up this potential for choosing differently. It opens up this potential for holding different thought about that which is being experienced, felt, and perceived, which opens up a potential for the experience of a different level of beingness.