Q: I have an interest in this ability to market effectively and see there is this potential for me to attain a different level of being where that marketing effort can be experienced very much more easily, with extraordinarily different results.

A: Our advice to you is to hold the idea of being a different level of marketer. Blend into that, weave into that, a sense of ease. Weave into that that the body consciousness may align around that, and thereby begin to address this role that you would set before it, progressively, with a progressive degree of ease, comfort, and effortlessness.

You will notice, as you adopt this role of observer into the physicality of this composite being, your ability to observe different parts. It becomes increasingly easier to observe parts, for instance, within the head itself, not just the body. There is an opening in your awareness of frequencies which is enabling you to feel more subtle levels of frequency, including those more subtle frequencies, faster frequencies, that occur within the region of the head.

This empowers you to deal with circumstances, with questions, with general issues arising, by examining and feeling vibrational levels within the head, without need of use of words. Words, my friends, flow from those energies that have been held. The reality that is being experienced is not that of words. Words are merely a reflection, or a representation of, at least an aspect of that which is being experienced. Therefore, you may begin to talk closer to the language of beingness by working with feelings.

Let us pause at this point, please, my friends, and adopt the role of observer, that this consciousness, this body consciousness, including this head consciousness, is not you. Let us observe this head consciousness in whatever way is meaningful to you. You are observing it. You are extending feeling into it, from wherever the “I” is, the “I” that is you as yourself, wherever that may be. There is no need to identify it precisely but be aware as an observer here.

There is a certain vibrational level within the head that impacts the breathing. As an observer, let us sit back and notice if any correlation between a vibrational level in the head and the breath may be noticed.

May I also point out to you, how, in adopting this position of observer, then the emotions that are moving through the physical body, or the mind of the head, become much softened. They are more like cloud systems, weather systems. As the observer, you cease to be the experiencer. Or, we could say that your experience shifts to that of being the observer. It is a different viewpoint. It is a different perspective. In any matter that is proceeding, there is an opportunity, where appropriate, to move from experience to observer, and from observer back to being in the middle of the experience.

The body, my friends, is designed to exquisitely reflect back to you levels of being that are being held. The secretions that the body may make into the bloodstream to generate a visceral feeling feedback into the body system is very fast. Where certain types of feeling response become repeated, then a pattern can be formed, that we might call a habit. At that time, that habit of feeling can be initiated with a much lighter touch.

We recommend experimentation with the process of rewiring, deliberate rewiring of your consciousness to allow for an alternative experience and viewpoint of life. We recommend that initial step of focusing upon what is wanted, perhaps also that which is desired to be dismissed. Step two is an assertion that the currently experienced composite consciousness is not you, allowing the establishment of a perspective of the observer. Then in that space that is being held, there is an opportunity for a visualization, the summoning of a visualization of that which may be preferred. Still as the observer, there is the allowing of that to land, and for there to be a realignment within the composite beingness.

There is, in essence, the planting therefore of the seed of the new desired beingness. There is the equivalent step that a gardener might adopt of filling that seed over with earth. The equivalence in the composite consciousness may be that sense of allowing that seed into the head, the heart, the belly, perhaps also into the base chakra. There is this sense of that landing of the seed.

Then, my friends, there is the step of letting go of that role of observer, knowing that the body consciousness is seeded with new potential. There is the opportunity to move back in and join this composite consciousness for the purpose of ongoing life as a human being, and yet, with the consciousness primed to nurture, develop and attract a modified set of experiences.

A thorough seeding of an idea will be felt in regards to all the chakra’s. Different ideas may flourish more through one chakra than another. The chakras are the energy centers that provide a fertile growing location for these planted ideas of beingness.

Such is our technique that we recommend that you may choose to experiment with. Remember, my friends, that this continues to be a co-creative, experimental process as we reach for an expansion of that idea of effortless awakening into empowerment.