I am monitoring and engaged and listening into your conversations and your discussions in and around body consciousness and the fruitfulness with which you are adopting this approach. I wish to commend this. From my perspective, you are looking at appropriate permission slips. One of the beautiful approaches that I am noticing, as I perceive the energies, the growth, the stirrings, and the shifting in and around you, is the following of this theme of effortless awakening and the impact that it is having in drawing to you various combinations of ideas with which to play.

The body consciousness theme that you have adopted, they are engaged in the combinations of consciousness. Consciousness, my friends, is somewhat akin to water. The ocean can split itself into many, many drops, and then can reform itself. But any two drops can join together, any ten drops can join together, to provide a particular stream or river or flow of consciousness.

As you become part of the river, you, in essence, become an experience as the river. You become the entirety of the river. Yet that river is a combination of viewpoints, and you would not have it otherwise. It is the viewpoints of others that help to expand your broader awareness. I call them the viewpoints of others, but there is, of course, this question of exactly who you are. You could equally well define yourself, therefore, as that group of others. And therefore, it is entirely you, as you become and have that experience of being that river that is flowing.

You have the opportunity here to adopt permission slips of your own choosing. The permission slip you could, at one level, liken to a belief. I prefer and utilize the term “permission slip,” for a belief has other significance potentially. Also, there can be working to try and believe something. Whereas, the key is – can you find a path of least resistance? This, of course, allies with this principle of effortlessness. Can you find a path of least resistance to begin to work with an aspect of consciousness which, in itself is water-like, and therefore can be divided in an infinite number of ways and packages?

In adopting this approach to body consciousness, there could be considered, at one level, to be many, many components going into a human body, many aspects, different aspects of consciousness, many viewpoints of the All That Is. There are many, many cells, each with their own distinctive viewpoint and flavor. There are areas of coordinating intelligence that have merged into and occupy your combined being.

As we have referred to the river, my friends, bear in mind as you are the river and as more riverlets join that, you still remain and experience as the river. Yet, there are many sub-flows now that may have joined and may continue to exist as the river. There is an opening here into the idea of what you might refer to as spirits, or even as entities. Realize that as you hold a set of thoughts within a particular human physical body, then other spiritual entities that are attracted to that particular package may effectively come on board and flow through this river experience that is your being. Therefore, there is this concept of leadership that has been fed through your consciousness. You, in holding that space of leadership, have influence over the combined vibrational level that is to be held and set.

Upon this concept that I wish to present to you of these rivers of consciousness and your ability to both be an independent observer of that, and also to merge with that stream of consciousness, then part of your effortless abundance, a part of your effortless awakening themes, is – as you join flows on this planet of consciousness, why then, in the process of joining them, you can choose that vibrational level that you set in order to influence those flows of consciousness in a manner in which you would desire. Indeed, the process of a spirit taking human form is part of this process, for a non-physical being is not authorized in the same way as you are to enact changes upon it.

My friend, I am offering you this concept of rivers of consciousness, both in relation to the physical body, but also very much in relation to that which you seek to engage and expand and open opportunities for yourselves on the planet.

As you work with other friends, therefore, you will notice that there are certain themes to which groups of people may reach, may be inspired. As you hold this as a river of consciousness, then there is your vibrational influence into this particular stream, and there is this allowance of others to join that stream and also to step aside of that stream to engage in alternative experiences, and also to notice the changes in consciousness that can arise for them in this process of stepping in and out of such a stream of consciousness.