As you work with this concept of body consciousness and make certain decisions about that which is you and that which is not you, that standing back, if you like, from the stream and therefore adopting that position of observer and then joining it with a new set of intentions, this process that you are adopting allows you as the observer to reset your vibrational frequency to a new level. And then, as you rejoin the stream, that is, re-merging with the active composite consciousness of the physical body, why then you can more easily and deliberately modify the vibrational level to be in accordance with the experiences that you are desiring to engage upon.

In the course of making these changes, as you rejoin the physical body with an alternative vibration, there is a period of time in which this vibration may not be in harmony with the composite beingness that has been established and that has, in this reality, a certain momentum. And therefore, there can even be the apparentcy of a breaking apart of some of the coherence as to what has been. This can be experienced as a form of body unwellness. In that process, you are offered a choice, my friend. You may adopt the permission slip that you are going through a transition and harmonizing vibrational levels at a new desired level, or you may become attached to concern about the physical well-being of the body and adopt a, shall we say, more fearful space and a more protective space, as indeed, some of the conscious aspect that forms the composite may wish to offer to you.

There is therefore a balance in driving to and through to the new vibrational levels that you wish to set. And yet also, there is this aspect of leadership which can allow for a transition and a transitionary period. During such transitionary period, your focus upon well-being, that is the offering to the body of fundamentals of simple food and plenty of water and plenty of rest, will enable that transition to occur most expediently.