Q: Please speak more about this overall approach and flow of looking at body consciousness.

A: One of the potencies of the manner in which you have been adopting this has precisely not been to divide up the flow of the river of consciousness that flows through these bodies into many separate components. There sometimes can be a value to this approach. And yet, there is also a value to that sense of simplicity.

As you work with the body consciousness as a life force, for it, itself, is made up of, or could be considered to be made up of different consciousnesses, it could also be considered to be simply a single consciousness derived from the All That Is, a particular flow derived from the All That Is. This, my friend, is a matter of perspective.

The question is to adopt the perspective that provides you with the most effective permission slip to allow you to establish the expectations and beliefs to draw in the experiences that you desire. I am however commending the simplicity of the approach that you have taken. To say that I am this and all else is body consciousness is a simplistic approach which allows for an operation. And as you take this exploration forward, there will be different flavors of consciousness within that body consciousness. It may suit you to assign different labels in accordance with different aspects of functionality connected with that.

The operative driver is not a question of truth. As we work with this principle of the river, as you see, you can divide drops out, which are part of the river or simply work with the river as a whole. The driver is the potency and effectiveness, also the ease and effortlessness with which this topic may be conveyed in a manner which is yet effective. There is a tendency within human beings to go into a depth of questions. The mental body goes into this focus very easily. I recommend the focus of simplicity, less detail. The less detail that is needed is greater aligned with the principle of effortlessness and also the ease with which principles may be conveyed and expanded upon for the value of others.