We have been working with you more on the internal interface with body consciousness and working on those internal harmonics. As those harmonics become aligned, it is as though a sweet spot is engaged. The energy that becomes available expands substantially. It is experienced as a glow around the body, which may go out some distance. The glow around a body can certainly fill a room to the extent that people can be aware of such an energy. The pair of you are moving towards this aspect.

Some years ago, dear Rick, you were encouraged to play with a crystal ball and took photographs of it. You were photographing the sun shining through the ball. As the sun was aligned progressively more with the center, there came a point where the photograph showed this entire radiance, or aura, igniting around the ball, captured by your photographs. Such an occurrence is in the process of happening with the two of you.

We would like to take you slightly ahead to that point. (See meditation space in next page.) If there is a discomfort in your physical body during this process, I would draw your attention to working with that internal alignment to allow this external radiance to establish itself.

As this external radiance establishes itself, it advertises your presence to people with a more subtle awareness. It still empowers you to walk comfortably through the streets of your countries without being unduly noticed by those who are less aware, but for those who have a more heightened awareness, there is a recognition. An example of this point of connection are those kind of moments where one turns and finds there is an immediate eye contact with somebody. Also, this point of connection is going to highlight to you people with whom to connect.

When there is a connection at this level, there is a recognition, be it conscious or less conscious, that there is an opportunity for a constructive and joyful engagement.