There has been the ongoing theme of empowerment flowing through your lives, and we are getting to that point where a significant new step is shaping up in the momentum of things. There is a sense of empowerment in the air, and what I wish to take forward straightaway, this early stage in the in session, is to move to a meditational space. The holding of energy, where there may be a contemplation of that which is occurring.

Let us move to a meditative, a contemplative, an observational space. Let us feel the more subtle energy of these bodies and of this body consciousness.

There is available, a subtle current of energy through these bodies, which is connected with power and empowerment. There are other energy flows, other frequencies, also present, and yet I would like to suggest a request that you focus on the idea of a sense of power, a frequency of power, whatever your sense is of a flow or frequency of power. There is an intention to allow that part of you that tunes in to tune into that.

We may also recognize there is a part that does not know, or feels that it does not know these energy signatures, yet. We can allow for the presence of that aspect, and yet stepping slightly back from that is still the opportunity to recognize and connect, with a flow of energy that is sustaining and powerful. There is then connecting to this potential, for it is a potential energy. It is not a static energy. There is a sense of motion. There is a sense of circulation connected with this.

There is a sense of spin associated with this energy. It is a power. It is easiest seen as something available to you, something that you may direct. Yet mostly, it is an energy that can be a constant companion to you. It is available to help focus and direct other energies. It has the potency to respond to your will and intent without you having to do the work yourself. It is a form of living energy.

It is therefore possible to be centered in this energy, whilst yet there is within yourself a presence and a deep relaxation, an effortlessness. This energy may be charged with your thought. In its ongoing spin, it will hold for you that magnetism that is appropriate to engaging appropriate frequencies within the physical domain, to attract and align the content of such intent.

This energy, this potency around these physical bodies, also acts to protect these bodies. An example might be an awareness of the magnetic fields generated by the planet in its spinning action, and how those fields of energy, maintained effortlessly by the planet, act to protect the atmosphere from various forms of radiation. As this energy, this heightened energy, is held more consciously, or is understood more consciously, a slight adjustment to its frequency can produce a significant alteration in that which you manifest. You are in the process of becoming experts in this process.

It is not that this field is created for purpose of protection. It is engaged, activated, and simply a part of its properties in its ability to address, reflect your intentions, includes inherently within it a sense of well-being that will maintain a state, maintain an integrity.

Return to a focus on feeling this power. Feel it as an energy field around the body. You may recognize that this also empowers further body consciousness.

There are many examples in nature of these fields. Electrons that spin around an atom create a magnetic field, a field of protection and maintenance for the atom. Also, through their configuration, they encourage the combining, engaging into certain reactions.

As we pull this simple session towards an end, let us refresh on a couple of simple points. There is a field of energy around the body in which there is motion. There is a spin. Allow your own sense of experience to map how that may flow. It will operate with intention. It will continue to hold without continuous attention upon it.

It is a composite field, but draws on from both the body consciousness and spirit. It offers strength, power, support, and imbues the body within it with a sense of well-being. This field may also be used for sensing, literally feeling, even as one of your electronic devices might detect something through an electronic field. And therefore, awareness of this field can pass you information and feedback. The establishment and maintenance of this field establishes, returns to the body, a sense of integrity. This field particularly around the upper part of the torso and head, shoulders, extend information without need to engage the thinking mind.

It is an intelligent field. It is your servant, yours to command if you will acknowledge it. In that acknowledging of it, there is the maintaining of it.

Very well, my friends, let us return to a more regular awareness. If you will, you may put focus upon this at different points in your engagement with people. Allow this field to actively empower you to be a friend, to bring you information and insight. For now, I shall leave you with my blessings.