Here we are with this opportunity to continue this very significant piece of work. The box has been opened to this awareness and engagement with body consciousness. In this differentiation between yourself and your awareness of working with this body consciousness, then different understandings are assuredly arising.

One of the pieces that will arise for you as we explore this space will also be a different viewpoint, a different perception, if you will, of human sexuality. The human sexuality is very much the domain of this body consciousness, along with the survival components.

At one level, sexuality is very aligned with survival. It would be in the past that parents would have more children, and it is seen that as families survive better, as health improves, as longevity extends, the tendency is to have less children. This is a reflection of that survival component.

I suggest you might open to a different perception, for you may notice that there is a different relationship for you in the manner in which you have held sexuality as you realize you are effectively working with another being within this body in and around this subject. This is where sexuality, when transposed to non-physical spaces, has a radically different format.

Let us notice also the potency of this breath work. As the breath is experienced lower down into the body, down through the belly, down through into the hips and the lower part of the torso, then there is a different engagement again possible with body consciousness. There is this establishment, if you will, of passing across responsibility for the management of factors to do with the body to this very able being that resides within, and whose role indeed is managing this body.

As there is an acknowledgement there, then there becomes that sense of a very loyal, very devoted, and very competent team member, staff member, to operate and run many of the matters that otherwise you may be obliged to intervene with yourself.

This is, again, part of moving to that space of ease, of allowing things to come to you, for there are great capabilities within the body consciousness. This being would, most gladly, serve at a higher and more elevated and a more competent level when acknowledged and understood and allowed to perform as it can. For then, it, too, is able to draw a greater degree of life energy.

Also, in this relationship, there is significant growth available for this being that holds that body consciousness. Within these physical bodies, there are great potentials recognized by those beings, for their own expansion. That expansion is a different path, a different track, from the expansion that you explore and engage upon, and yet illustrates the combination demonstrated throughout the creation of beings at different levels, working with each other, and the mutual experiences, and the mutual reflections of each other, inspiring, uplifting, and extending their potential for growth, which draws to it, more life energy.