Let us now take just a few minutes to tune into this body consciousness. Feel its presence. The center of its domain is more the abdomen, the belly. Its major functionalities are the digestive system, also the sexuality.

The breath provides a very good interface to this body consciousness, for the breath is a space where deliberate, conscious control may easily be taken, and yet it is also managed and very much a part of the domain of the body conscious. The engaging with the interface of the breath, and recognizing the breath, not so much in the upper chest region, which would be more the domain of the Spirit component, which you recognize as yourselves. But, working with the breath from the depths of the body provides for a unified awareness of body consciousness with Spirit. It is a representation of the connection of life force between the two. Of course, as the last breath is exhaled, then there is that parting of company in the termination of this union.

There are many subsidiary areas that open for us here, dear friends, for there is that process of death where the body consciousness remains in the body for a short while, and yet is not able to sustain the functions of the body without that energetic spiritual connection. This leads us into interesting subjects.

Let us now take the remaining time in this session simply to attune to this body consciousness, becoming aware of the breath in the depths of the body. As the body breaths, then there is a corresponding motion of expansion in the belly, which may also felt lower in the body, down through the hips, into the pelvic regions, to the regions of the sexual organs, the top of the thighs.

Let us focus on that, bringing the breath deeper into the body. And while doing so, also hold some sense of this union, a form of sacred union between this body consciousness and spiritual aspect. In this form of breathing, there is more effort on the inbreath, which then penetrates deeply into the body. The outbreath is more a release and a relaxation of that.

As you engage in life activities, there can be this awareness that you bring a consciousness with you. At some level, it might be considered more like childlike consciousness. This is not to say that it does not have access to extraordinary capabilities. And yet, as you engage through the medium of body to body, then an awareness that there are two of you present to two present in the other being, allows for the arising of a great sense of trust and well-being.

As we hold this connection, there is a conscious sense of affinity that is nurtured, has an opportunity to grow between the spirit level and this body consciousness. As its enthusiasm is awakened, the body consciousness has the ability to reach for and engage and trigger many aspects of well-being in regard to physicality, of which it is a master at the level of bodies.

Included within this body consciousness are the secrets, if you will, of life and death of physical form. It knows these mechanisms. There is wisdom to impart.