I will give one example here. You may experience a different quality. Let it make itself known to you, if there is such a one present for you. Be aware of what you notice.

The body consciousness is programmed, in this case, with life issues reflecting back and holding certain aspects of grief. You are invited to recognize this grief as not your own, not you, despite the fact that the feeling of them may be somewhat intense. There is then this tremendous potential for healing, not just for yourself, but for many, many, many in this civilization who associate feelings of pain, discomfort, and grief as being part of themselves.

There is this recognition that, in fact, this is not you. And even as you are feeling it and can hold to a different vibrational level, then you may recognize in the midst of this beingness of, let us say by way of example, emotional disturbance or distraught-ness, you recognize that this is not you, while being immersed in it. Then you can start to hold to the truth of who you are choosing to be. You choose deliberately, and you say: “This is not me.” You may then hold an alternate vibration for the body.

Most spiritual beings take lead from the vibrational level being generated by the physical body, become attuned to that level and then operate from that level. Yet here, as you recognize spiritual capability, there is the opportunity to hold a different alignment within the physical, such that your own physical response, the body consciousness, may start to realign around your leadership. Under these circumstances and situations, miraculous healings become possible. Transformation becomes possible. Transformation of the physical becomes possible.

I draw to your attention an example of a man who was referred to as “The Miracle Man.” He was a being who crashed the plane and suffered severe burns, including the burning of the diaphragm, such that he was unable to breathe unaided. He chose to set what he referred to as “his mind”, but was that spiritual leadership within himself that held a space for physical body, despite that which nurses, doctors, and attendants would reflect back to him of the impossibility of his case. He held a different vibrational level, and his body was able to realign around that, and to regrow a diaphragm, something not knowingly previously accomplished.

As you engage in this process, you are allowing the full resistance of the body consciousness to come into play, for it must bring forth the entirety of that which it is holding in order for that to be cleared. Therefore, there may be the expectation, the feeling, the appearance that things are not going well.

Perhaps there will be considerations of backing off from this path. But it is precisely that holding of a clarity of intention, even, by way of example, as leaders of men may hold to a conviction, such as dear Nelson Mandela, until such time as the components of consciousness may realign around that. There is some linear time involved in the retuning of frequencies.

As intentions are held, there is a clarity that increasingly dawns. And yet in some ways, that clarity as it arises, is a surprise, for it would seem to be the natural state. And one may wonder why one was not able to see that, and to address that in the past. It is precisely that the noise and the confusions obscure that clarity. The continued holding of that point of clarity allows clouds of doubt, clouds of alternative less preferred viewpoints, to clear away, even as the sun may evaporate clouds in holding its point of persistency.

Let us look at a physical issue that has rearisen. Notice the efficiency and effectiveness with which you are now able to mitigate significantly that which has occurred. I invite you to see the continuing working with this issue as your opportunity, therefore, rather than a problem. Recognize that the goal here, the stake, the reward that is available, is not simply the ability to hold a space while this dissipates, but to alter the clarity with which you can hold an alternate vibrational level that will no longer invite or allow into your experience this vibration that you no longer prefer, that you no longer choose, that you no longer allow.