Issues are made more complicated by there being a chain of thoughts. As there are a chain of thoughts precipitating a particular effect, recognizing one or two aspects of that is helpful. It is a start. And yet, the point of clarity comes as you recognize that none of a feeling of lack of wellness, no aspect of it at all, is necessary. No compromise is necessary.

And as the space of no compromise is held with clarity, and yet without resistance or fight against, then the speed of miracles accelerates. Within this principle is a clarity arising in the function of will. There is consideration that “will” may involve a determination that applies force to circumstance. Force can be applied in the process of realigning factors through the destruction of opposing structures, or the subjugating of opposing structures. And yet, the greater potency of will, is the holding to a particular vibration in the presence of alternate vibrations.

The maintenance of a purity of vibration, that is not allowed to be alloyed, allows, over time, the retuning of surrounding vibrations to that frequency.

The changing of general human consciousness is then influenced by the adroitness with which individuals may gain this mastery over their own body consciousness. As more individuals attain that competence, then collectively a new message is available to the genetic stream of humanity. There is then awaiting us, this ongoing potential for the composite consciousness of humanity, composite where you may consider the spiritual impulse and the body consciousness combined.

The example then that may be given, consciously, or in many cases unconsciously, from one being to another, is through the mastery with which a being may hold with clarity to the vibration that they are choosing. This entrains and influences the vibration of the body consciousness, bringing that into alignment. This is seen, often somewhat unconsciously by the other, but may allow an extraordinary passing of empowerment to another.

Often then, that moment of empowerment is attributed to the presence of the other, and, in a sense, it is. But actually, the moment of empowerment was in the recognition of spiritual self as separate from, and not controlled by, limited by body consciousness. Moments of empowerment are moments of, sometimes temporary, sometimes not so temporary, realignment of a higher vibration of spirit bringing into entrainment body consciousness. It is common that in the ensuing hours or days composite consciousness reasserts itself as old patterns are reengaged.