I wish to address this question of right path. The desire of the All That Is has been to empower the parts, the consciousnesses, that are formed to help define what it is that needs to be addressed. Your guidance here is more a case of that which draws your enthusiasm. If your enthusiasm is behind any aspect of opening that interests you, then connected to that enthusiasm, we can flow energy. And that path can be explored. And then, when the interest comes out of that path, then there is a moment of sitting back, reconnecting, reconsidering, and what would be the next piece that you would really like to explore? What would you like to have information on? The process of information and supplying information from our domain comes through a process of inspiring your intuition.

There can be times of a more direct connection, where a communication is experienced, be that at an energetic level, possibly at a verbal level. And yet, in a space of inspiration, as you allow yourself to focus on that which would be uplifting, that which would be joyful, that which would be inspiring. Open to the ideas, and allow them to land. And yet, the choice of action requires a discernment on your part. Therefore, out of the choices presented, it is simply a matter of choosing for you the one that feels right. That is the path we are desiring to explore, until it has been more fully explored. At that point, there is an understanding gained. There is a letting go. As a result of that understanding, there is an expansion in the All That Is.

You are then in a position to combine that viewpoint with other viewpoints that you have already mastered and held, and to explore additional ones. It can happen that in this process of empowerment that a new understanding may dawn, a new viewpoint, a new level of perception, which can require a review of a number of views that have been used as a platform to operate from. It is not then the case that these levels one has been operating life from in a practical way are wrong. It is simply that from the level that is now being attained, they no longer work in quite the same way. The human being that has graduated to being a pilot can hardly continue to exercise that skill if he is going to stay inside a car.

There is this realization. There can be a letting go of things that you may have held true. But this is not a failure. This is more an ongoing process of realignment with the next greater vision of the being that you may choose to be and to become. We love beings who are looking at the next level! There is no question of judgement about what that level is. It is simply looking for the level beyond the one that has currently been attained. And there is no requirement on our part that any individual move from the level that they have attained, for sometimes resting in a space that is known and comfortable is very appropriate. This is to be felt at the individual level. Our role then is more stepping in when you are ready to move to another level on any particular aspect, area, or topic.

And, understand, the underlying energy here is aligned with love. If you are not feeling that graciousness, that support, that love, that nurture, then it is good to discern and check the energy level to which one is connecting. There are, within the human consciousness, patterns that run in somewhat fixed lines. It can be, that as one is engaging, one gets caught into a pattern. There is no particular worry or concern about this. You simply recognize it, let it go, and invoke the question.

As life is engaged, then the questions that you are desiring to receive answers to will present themselves, for the challenges arise, or the desires arise. And in that moment, that is the moment to ask the question internally. There can also be, let me suggest, a vertical line that can run through the body which affords a certain stability, a certain uprightness of posture, a connection to energy flows above and below. But also, this verticality of posture helps the body, helps the breath, helps the energy of the body to maintain a more comfortable, detached, yet, aware stance. It allows the body to support you in that quest.

This question of, ask and it shall be answered, is very key. And yet perhaps, not clearly understood in that response, is the energy level from which one is asking. So, where one is asking from confusion, difficulty, upset, fatigue, tiredness, then one is not in the position to hear an answer that is useful. It is good to notice the, let us say, a dip in energy, and say, “aha”, and to sit back a little from that. And then, hold this slightly lighter energy, this slightly more joyful, this slightly playful energy. It is like, “Aha, well how could that be dealt with?” With having no concern of trying to answer that from the rational mind, but just allowing this sense of connectedness, starting to trust that the bigger and broader part of yourself, beautifully connected and superbly positioned to flow answers and responses.