There is sometimes down here a misunderstanding in this perception, for here, there is sometimes concerns about abundance. And there is this expectation that help called for is, perhaps, onerous when the reach is done to a, let us call it a higher dimension. It is a different dimension. It is dimensionally different as we look into the non-physical realms. However, the nonphysical realms simply are not clouded by the same very dense energies that are associated with the physical. And basically, the braver ones amongst us are willing to tread intrepidly into the physical. So, from this perspective, it may be that once down here and dealing with these more dense energies, you may feel less able than you may have felt, for instance, in a nonphysical space, for it is very much easier to attract that which you want in the nonphysical spaces. And yet, a significant experience is gained by venturing into these physical domains.

Now from a higher perspective, our role is channeling energy as best we can to make it available in a way that you can utilize it. It is one of the factors, that when one has a gift to give, as in a flow of energy from the kind of domains in which I am conversing, energy is readily available to myself, to us as beings here. And we look for people to whom we can channel that energy.

When that energy flows through our being, we experience the wonderful engagement. It is thoroughly uplifting for us. So, in some ways, when you look for assistance, I really wish to put it the other way around. It is more a case of, would you please ask? And, would you please ask with intention? Would you ask with directness? Would you ask with energy? For, as you ask with intent and energy, as your own energy engages, your own will, your own determination, then the flame of your being shines brighter. It is easier for us to connect a flow of energy to the flame of your being when it is in a more engaged space.

Therefore, our desire, in fact, is simply that for those people here who may ask for more, it is slightly different from simply asking for things, let us say, for there is this awareness of an energetic connection. So, there is a transformation of different energetic level. As you enter into the warmth of your heart space, and engage aspiration, there is a visibility that we can respond to. I mention this, for if you have the idea that perhaps you should not be asking, or if you have the idea that it is troublesome, then this dampens the energy that we can respond to.

From our own perspective, we are empowered by flowing more energy through ourselves. And therefore, the more people that can ask at the energetic level where we would like to be engaging, the more that can ask, then the more empowered we ourselves become. It is not, therefore, a burden upon us, such as an opportunity for our own growth. So, please then, consider that, and do not hold back in those requests.

Understand that in the way that energy flows, it can sometimes be that you will be asking for something, with a strong energy, and it might be that the answer is potentially not down the lines that you might be anticipating, or the lines that you might be asking. We may see here, as indeed from the broader and expanded aspect of yourself, it is simply a case that one can see the dead ends in the maze, shall we say. And the direction, therefore, might be to turn left, which might be unexpected, for surely one was expecting to simply be moving forward.

And yet, in following such directions, in responding to you, our desire is to continue to engage this energy. Therefore, it might be that we work with you in a certain direction in the full knowledge that once you have reached a certain point, there will be visibility of that which you really want to see, which might then be a slightly different direction. So, following your enthusiasm here, following your natural enthusiasm, asking the questions, getting in touch with that which you want, and holding an energy of expectation that this is going to be delivered, enables that flame of connection for us to engage and empower points of transformation.