This is the classic conundrum that we have experienced with those we have been seeking to assist in the physical on this path. And here is the conundrum. If you don’t try, nothing happens. So you have to keep trying. But here is the rub, my friend. It is not the trying that does it. But in the persistency of trying, there comes a point where suddenly something works. Suddenly you see it.

So really, we are looking for those moments when you suddenly see it. Once you see it, of course it is easy. All you just have to do is pick it up from where it is right here, and you put it precisely where you want it right there. It is easy.

But of course, when you don’t see it, it is difficult. You pick up all sorts of things, and you put them in all sorts of places, in a trial and error method. And then you get frustrated, and you think there is something wrong with the trying or something wrong with the way that you are doing it. But the truth is, the simple truth that we perceive for human beings is that this process of trying is fundamental.

We do notice that the absence of trying basically means that nothing happens. Things do not land to those people who are not calling. And even for those who occasionally it might seem to be the case, there is a question lodged in their consciousness that is simply emerging at a given point, and it may come as a surprise at that point.

My dear friend, you are a good trier. You keep trying, and occasionally you have questioned if this trying is really appropriate? Is this trying a resistance, for instance, to those things which you do not prefer? And yet we wish to advocate to you from our perspective that a certain divine dissatisfaction is a rather healthy attitude, for if there is a general satisfaction with the way things are, is there any need for change? And change is really not initiated from that perspective.

So, there is one energy stream, where as one moves into the flow, there is an engagement from a space of creativity. There can be joy in the flow of creativity. And yet there is also this other part which is addressing those things which are not aligned. And here, a dissatisfaction arises. When there is a dissatisfaction, there is then an effort. There is a focus. There is holding an intention and an attention that allows an existing structure that is not aligned to begin to move into alignment. Suddenly, when it moves into alignment and a skill becomes possible, it is easy. Indeed, how could you not do it? Because now, of course, from this perspective, you understand. You know. It has become an established part of your knowingness, and you have found a way to bind it into the construct of the human consciousness.

So, my friend, we look forward to plenty more trying, don’t we? And in this, there is an iterative cycle which is spiral in nature, not simply circular. You may notice that now you are bringing together a significant number of issues that are addressing the human condition. And whereas before you might have spent a whole evening, a whole week, possibly a whole month, exploring on one specific point, now you are beginning to move to that point where you can see the package.

And as you begin to see the entirety of the package, there is a new potential to step forward which is a way of dealing with the package rather than dealing with the individual item. In dealing with the individual item, even if that item is a big item to be addressed in the wish list of humanity, because it is linked to others, the specific item can be addressed to some degree, but not completely until the other connected items are similarly addressed. So the ability to bring together a package of items into perspective in a single evening is actually taking things further than it has gone before.

So, we encourage you in trying. And yet, perhaps, you can add a little something for us here, a little enthusiasm in the trying! Oh, on a bad day, you can curse us, of course. You know we don’t take that to heart. We understand what is being played down here. And we are very joyously connecting with you, and with the way and the manner in which you play.

Many blessings!