On this particular occasion, there are some comments to be brought through in relation to the last session. This is a reminder of focus with regards to that.

Now, I wish to relate back to the question of death as a portal. So this question of death is prevalent in this space. You are aware that this is also being present in the space of some of your friends. The point of a being moving through this space particularly opens that door by bringing it into focus, into highlight. I wish to draw to your attention to the entertainment that you watch of Ghost Whisperer, which portrays a certain portal of a being stepping through. Now, at the point of stepping through, there is an apparentcy in the program that the being is at one moment present on this side, and then another moment has moved through a portal, and also that the portal has then closed and disappeared.

And yet, the more common experience is that this portal is opened sometime in advance of the being departing, and remains open for some time after. So the portal is maintained open by focus. And it is the thoughts relating to death which help to hold this portal open. When it can be seen as an opportunity for communication and exchange, then a different attitude can be brought to bear.

I point out to you that there is no coincidence here that you have been watching a particular Star Trek episode showing just such the opening of a portal between two distant spaces. And you saw also the ability here to send a communication through, and to bring information back. Also demonstrated was a greater level of connection, tangibly felt in the statement “You are not alone.” Portrayed also within that illustration is the potential for assistance.

In the specific case of a being passing, there is an opportunity. If the grief aspect can be displaced, one can then engage in a constructive manner through the opportunity presented by the opening of such portals.

The secondary component is then the releasing of fear and anxiety around this state of being that is referred to as death. And as that fear is released, then the ability opens to fluidly move between these states, which another person might consider to be that of moving to a state of death. But if it is not held in that manner, then there is this opportunity to move consciousness more freely out of the body.

This empowers the out-of-body experiences. I also draw to your attention, that some fears, some anxieties that are invoked through the bodily space, if not resisted as being uncomfortable, allow a portal of connection. Therefore, there is opportunity here also.

There has been reference to the concept of threads. This concept is very alive in the moment, for there are different threads being followed, and it is appropriate not to judge a particular thread for reasons, let us say, that it brings a sense of unease, but to treat that thread indeed as an opportunity. We talk here about approaching this portal that is connected with the transitionary space and connected with death. And indeed, this can bring a sense of grief, can invoke a certain resistance, can invoke a certain avoidance.

It is not to say that this will necessarily therefore be immediately comfortable, and yet, as it becomes possible to relax a little more into that space, why then there is this opportunity, not simply to gain through not experiencing the resistance, but there is this opportunity to then reach for the power that is available through that space. Power is somewhat akin to the physical experience. If something with too much power is touched, perhaps in a moment of lack of appreciation for that with which one is engaging, why then there can be physical discomforts to electrical shocks, heating shocks, physical shocks. And yet, as the energy of the individual is adjusted, why then these energies which might otherwise appear as shocks can become harnessed into creating powerful, useful and directed flows of energy. So there is present this opportunity for the raising of the managing of energy. Your sleeping / waking state is another transitionary space which is related to the death portal. So this is a practical space in which you can play out.

It is constructive while holding these spaces to invoke support, to invoke energy, to invoke understanding. There need be no firm further definition of what that may mean, for the very act of consciously invoking awareness and understanding and a flow and a clarity of the viewpoint that is being experienced, simply that is enough to bring about an empowerment here.

My friends, it is my great joy to be with you here again tonight and to open into this more general and broader space, to open to this concept of empowerment through releasing fear of this portal of transition between states.

My friends, this is exciting! It is fun from our perspective to watch you playing with these ideas. And it is fun to see these ideas being strung together into a constructive fashion, manner. Very well, for now I shall take my leave and wish you a very wonderful evening. My good friends, many blessings!