Tonight I would like to put focus on this connection through to the heart of the Earth. There are other jewels and issues that can open to you following this path. So in some ways, my desire is to help to open this for that which will come, not specifically with me, but with the strengthening of those connections that are available to you.

In this connection to spirit, there is this sense that there is this connection above. But also available is this connection below. For some of you, this is a connection that you hold very naturally. And for others, as this connection opens for you, it will make a substantial re-balancing of your energies available.

To give a label, let us call the connection point between the human body and the Earth below the Earth Star. Let us hold this idea of the Earth Star, and let us consider that it sits just a little bit beneath the human body as you are seated. Let us not think in terms of a linear fixed distance, but let us think of it as being fluid dimensionally a few inches beneath the perineum. It is a base point for that egg of energy that holds the human form.

Let us recognize this Earth Star as a connection point specifically with Earth-based energies. It is this energy that you hold through this connection point that makes it possible for you to bring changes to this planet, changes which those in nonphysical form are no longer able to bring in directly, but can contribute to in that joyfulness of working with you in physical bodies.

Within that Earth Star is the energy of longevity, of youthfulness. In the right circumstances and with right intention, the energy from this connection can be opened to bring rejuvenation through physical bodies. And beyond that is this deep connection to Mother Earth and her energies. And as this energy is tangibly broadened and opened, you have this opportunity to become a spokesperson for that energy, a direct representative for that energy, for that awareness can land and flower into the physical through the roots of your being, of your physical connection.

Mother Earth is ready to nourish those roots at a greater level than has occurred before, to contribute to and empower that flowering of your being. There is an ability for you to rest on this energy, and to direct this energy. And within that process, there is this expansion of your being, not of your bigger being, but of your human presence being in a way that is not simply tangible to yourself, but tangible to you also in the reflections that you will be receiving from others.

As others recognize this, the feedback will be available to you in a way that is reinforcing of your power. The recognition of your power is an important piece. For without your recognition and your taking ownership of it, why then, it remains somewhat of a potential and somewhat dormant.

And yet it is not a taking power in the older sense, shall we call it, the older Earthly sense of the grasping of power. It is more the evolving of that yin power, more like a vortex that simply forms around you and flows through you. It is a power that embodies gracefulness, love, and appreciation. And yet, as with power, it holds also that ability for decision, for clarity and for discernment.

And with the rising of that power within you, for it is more of a rising within you than a descending from above, although there is that aspect of that which is above that is also drawn down to merge with that which arises from within you below. So there is this capability as you feel it rising from below, like a wellspring within your being. As you feel it rising and supporting you, lifting you up, there is again this opportunity for this 360° vision outlook for you to revisit and recognize where you now sit, where you now stand.

This rising of power contains woven within it this sense of beauty. And as you attune to that, and as you like it, why then there is this opportunity to summon it forth, for there is an energy waiting there to play at your command. And there is this process of acclimatization to impart it as a realization, a tangible realization to the space of which you have attained. And as the flows of energy within you are perfected, there is this opportunity to extend to that energy longevity in the sense of it being self-reproducing within the deeper energy flows of your being.

There is then this sense of abundance of over-flowing-ness. From my own perspective, as I look around, this is not usual. There are some. And your bringing forth this energy grants that permission to others by way of example. And as the wellspring of Earth connection flows through you and increasingly, perhaps slowly, but increasingly through others, then this is part of the transformation of the consciousness on this planet. For spirit from above can offer ideas, can offer concepts, and can provide upliftment to humanity to try again and to keep moving. And yet it is humanity itself, as part of Mother Earth, in the connection through Mother Earth, it is through that process that transformation is going to occur.