Question: Yes, I have a question. When we started this space, when we were asking the question, I did not have anything in my space. As we created this vortex and stepped into the question, I could see within me that I know how to manifest. I know how to step somebody into manifesting if they are ready to do it. I feel like I know how to point to places where they are holding back. I feel like my level of knowing has really shifted. I feel like my knowing within me that I can make a difference now has totally shifted from where it was two weeks ago. I noticed it clearly in speaking with someone recently. I knew what to do. As I look at situations like this, how do I engage here? When I look back at when I have seen places where I could help before, and I have offered, it often comes across in a way that is not accepted. So, I know I am missing the boat in how I am holding that. I am looking for guidance here, assuming it is appropriate when I see things that I can start playing with this. How do I approach it in a way that people can hear it? How do I start to play now that I am ready to speak?

Answer: Indeed, my dear, a very good question to respond to. Let me present a couple of perspectives. One perspective is that you may see something within a situation whereby somebody perhaps could make a change that would therefore be empowering for them. You may see it with a clarity, and there may be an energy arising within yourself. You may therefore focus upon such person. In being given answers to their questions, sometimes people become defensive. It is the manner in which they may hear it.

There is also the question of motivating energy on your part and your desire. We may consider: is the motivation the assistance for the benefit of the other person; or are you opening this flow for the benefit of mastering this flow of energy through you?

There are many people who would welcome an engagement with your energy and with your wisdom. My / our recommendation is that there be an avenue through which you may express your desire, that which you wish to create. Where this may be indicated clearly, with clarity and passion, such that the people coming forward to you are specifically people wanting to receive that which you are desiring to offer.

Dear lady, there is a mechanism at work here that we notice at our level. This might be evident in your Harry Potter series. When a certain story is presented, people have that opportunity to align with interest around it, to reach for it and engage in that. In that moment, their defenses and their resistances are dropped.

Sometimes it is the case where somebody presents an apparent problem, but they already have a resistance to the problem that they are presenting. It is less easy for them to engage at that slightly higher level of energy necessary to allow for the desired outcome.

We are dealing with this subtle level of resistance arising commonly and typically within the emotional bodies of human beings. We are seeking to find an alignment where that emotional body might be directed to provide for a rapid and clear flow of energy, of current, without dissipation through uncertainty, doubts, concerns and worries.

There is a possibility for you to expand desires for that which you might wish to engage in through your blog. You offer a certain wisdom through your blog to help others. What is it you would specifically like to offer and make available to others? As there is a clarity around that, more people may come and draw that energy through you, specifically and directly. There may be a clarity of statement of that which you have achieved, which may allow then people to ask questions around that, that they may align more clearly around this energy flow that you have successfully established within your own life experience. And yet, which may now be expanded to a broader flow. There may be a broader clarity, therefore, in the expression of that which you are highly able to offer.