I come to you today for I would like to talk a little about the bigger picture. I want to talk and express a viewpoint for you about the nature of life and death, to provide perhaps an additional empowerment in and around this subject. I also wish to present you with some ideas, some ways of looking at your beautiful relationship with your beloved pet, the wonderful Jewel.

I wish to refer you to the “Sara” Series by Abraham-Hicks. I wish you to recall the story of those books in which this owl, Solomon, this special friend of this young girl was very much engaged with her. You may recall that there was an accident to the owl in which the owl died at the hands of the young girl’s brother. And there was the distress in the story. And yet in the story, was it not the case that the spirit of Solomon was able to be present with and communicate with the young girl? There was a demonstration of this mastery of the illusion of death.

I wish you to explore the possibility of the relationship that you hold with this beautiful being, Jewel, and recognize the possibilities. For it is an aspect of that which Jewel does that she holds that Solomon energy for you. This is a great friendship, is it not? There is a potency of love. It is not the love of need or requirement, although that love does inspire the desire to assist the needs of another. There is a depth and an unlimitedness there.

Your friend Jewel is ready to leave, and yet she is also happy to stay a while longer. And the possibilities sit there. You may recall the story of Solomon where he commented to Sarah that actually the body that he was in was not as young and as useful as the one that he most enjoyed. There is this potential for Jewel to come to you again. There is this aspect in which you have called to you a real-life manifestation of this story, an aspect of reflection of it.

And yet, this also links to this bigger and broader subject, which is the handling of matters of life and death and love, very fundamental in the woof and warp of this planetary civilization. Woven into this topic also is the question of empowerment, for this has been a key component for you.

There is a polarity on this question of life and death. Indeed, you have this expression of something being “a matter of life and death,” and this impels within it a certain urgency. It raises the importance of the matter. It raises within you the ability to call upon a higher level of energy. And as the pathways are opened within your being to allow and manage these greater levels of energy, then the potency of manifestation available to you increases. Therefore, this is not so much a question of looking at a specific manifestation. And yet, very often a being may choose a specific manifestation as a focal point.

It is the experience of that energy flowing through that brings with it this powerful sense of being alive, the life spirit. The energy flow is the life spirit. Now, of course, the physical death is in a sense an illusionary aspect, illusionary in the sense of it not being the ending of a life point. It is indeed the transition from one standpoint to a significantly alternate standpoint. There are entry points, and there are exit points from realities, just as there are entry points and exit points to a room. So in your seeking of empowerment, it is good to embrace this awareness of life and death, and the relationship and manner in which you choose to hold loving energy in that regard.

Now, my dear friend, there will come a point when Jewel is ready to step aside. Perhaps let me rephrase that. She is indeed ready to step aside and yet in no hurry to go either. So there is a co-creation between the two of you, for you see she holds your well-being in her consideration of her choices. There is this sense that you hold her well-being, an indeed, in a sense there is more potency at that level of the human being than perhaps at the level of the cat. But in the energy that is held, it is perhaps more equal than might be perceived from the more standard human viewpoint.

There is an opportunity at that time at which Jewel passes. Because of the potency of that connection, you will have this opportunity to track her being, and remain connected to her being in that transition. And therefore, she extends to you a great gift, for this transition is not necessarily such a difficult and painful space as the manner in which it is conventionally held within human viewpoints and consciousness at present. So, there is a door present and available here.

There is also a door present and available for Jewel to return to you in another body. This is not a given. This is a choice. This is a matter for your relationship with her. Ultimately, it is a decision on her part as to what is most appropriate, for there are matters to address with regard to her own feeling.

And so my friends, I wish to withdraw a little from this specific example and look at this matter of life and death, but from the viewpoint of empowerment. The process of death is one of withdrawal from this domain. You could say, therefore, it is one of disengaging. It is a process of withdrawal of life energy, withdrawal of force, and withdrawal of engagement.

I could use the word disempowerment in the physical, and yet that holds a connotation, as I look for a word that better matches this. It is not so much a disempowerment, but it is simply a ceasing to engage. And yet the difference, the impact, if you will, is a ceasing of empowerment, an absence of empowerment.

Empowerment is about the engagement of this life force. And the recognition of these polarities, the polarity of withdrawal, if you will, of letting go, as distinct from the calling forth of energies of enthusiasm, engagement. These represent alternate polarities. In the recognition of and connection with and a better understanding of this transition out of the physical, that in relation to an awareness of life, corresponds somewhat to the terminals of one of your batteries. A flow is possible.

Let us explore this topic a little further with perhaps an example. It is possible in life for somebody to be feeling the emotion of upset, worry, anxiety, fear, concern of loss, or concern of failure. From that viewpoint, a level of resistance is typically engaged to those matters. There is a possibility of a reset here. For if the zero point is that point of death, that point of transition out of the environment, why then matters of detail can be seen differently.

Seen within the context that you have life, you have this gift, this creation, this experience. You have this ability to call forth energy. And the lowest point, the worst point, the minimum point is if that is to cease to be in the physical. And if that is simply a reconnection with the broader and bigger nonphysical energy, the essence of who you are, why then each hand of cards that you come to play within the physical becomes an opportunity.

Now my friends, we play around this subject, for there are many potential ways of looking at this aspect of life and death, and shifting what death means within the mass consciousness of humanity. There has been reference to an access of free energy or zero-point energy. And there is a viewpoint, a utilization point, a realization that there is a connection to this through the death point. So the death point then becomes something different. It becomes a point through which energy can flow. There is more to be said on this, my friends.

There is a viewpoint that is available here, literally an insight, an awareness, and an opportunity to perceive this access point to nonphysical energy in a different manner that can substantially enhance the energy flow that is available to you, and radically remap the concept of death. The fear of death sits much behind that which holds the 3D world structure in place.

So, my friends, I am making available to you a space for the landing of ideas in the course of the next one to two weeks. Consider giving some thought to this subject matter of death as the opening of this connecting point, this transition point, but also as this connecting point to nonphysical through which energy may flow. It is a two-way portal.

There are moments when you each have reflected on this subject. There are thoughts and understandings, threads to have been drawn from those past moments of contemplation. There is an opportunity for a coming together of experience with a new thread of understanding. There is a potential for the replacement, the superimposition, of an energy of joyfulness to replace an entirety of that energy of fear.

So, my friends, this is what brings me today, this bigger and broader picture, this very change in consciousness of humanity. With this opening of a consideration of a death point, not as a point of fear, but a realization that it is the very portal of empowerment, and that there are different ways for you to manage this portal with this awareness.