Perspectives requested on the following points or questions:

One: There was reference to a dis-alignment between this idea of a body consciousness and perhaps spiritual consciousness. There is an interest in understanding what that relationship wants.

Two: There is observation of experiences at night, when the normal thinking mind has let go somewhat, then the energies that can arise can feel quite uncomfortable and can be disruptive of sleep.

Three: There is another question mark on picking up other people’s energies and feeling unwell. Is that some kind of boundary issue? Or is there any other comment on that topic?

Four: There is a question about the managing of an energy so that energy can be deployed without things being a chore.


First, let me extend an extraordinarily cordial warm welcome to you to each of you joining this gathering. There is huge appreciation for you. First, let me set some very general principles. The assumption can be that in such a gathering that you are perhaps asking for some assistance. Even though that is the case, from our perspective, it is not quite the same, for your engaging with us actually assists us in our plane. For the manifestation of events, occurrences, perhaps more clearly spoken, experiences, that reflect the essence of what we are, there is a need for energy flow. Your willingness to reach allows energy to flow from my level and allows me to reach above that level which we might refer to as my beingness, or consciousness. In allowing that energy to flow through me, there is an expansion in my being. Therefore, there is a sense of teamwork in the sense that you would be willing to call upon such energy.

In the construct of the creation, there is a core and then there is a reaching outward to extend additional opportunities for learning and reflecting more deeply on that which we are. Whereas there may seem to be a sense of hierarchy in the sense that the more potent power is perhaps closer to the source in the same way as you may move closer to the sun and experience a more intense level of energy. Yet, it is often in the subtleties of the further reach that new material, new viewpoints, of what the One Source is can be reflected. Therefore, there can be an interchangeability of roles. The fact that some beings may be more on the leading edge, or the thinner edge, or the further distance from Source, has no reflection on the relative level of greatness of a being. There are many who may operate closer to Source simply because that is their choice, and their love, and their experience. It is not their desire to exercise the will and courage that is engaged in exploring in some of the further reaches.

My friends, in those further reaches, there can become a less clear alignment with Source energy. In those engagements, there is the opportunity to reconnect, to reseed, to reach deeper within to that aspect of knowingness of who we are, to bring a Source-level alignment into different environments, into different spaces.

In order to have an experience, there is that which has been created, which holds an opportunity for spirit to enter and engage. In a sense, we referred to this as the female. The existing part of that which has been defined and established may be considered to be the female. Then, that spiritual element that enters in to engage with that may be considered to be that male aspect that brings with it new ideas for penetrating and engaging with that which has been created. Out of the combination of the two, new opportunities, new expansions, and new extensions are spawned.

On this planet, in this time, a certain level of consciousness has been attained. There is this sense of your beingness, your spiritual engagement at this level. This does not define who you are. This represents an aspect of you that is engaging in this experience.

We have suggested to dear Rick and Marybeth, the simplicity of this division between a body consciousness and a more thinking spiritual element that you may identify with as more yourself. One might consider this body consciousness aspect to be more aligned through genetics, through the creation of physical bodies, of vehicles that enable an experience to happen. As you take on an engagement with such a vehicle, you also take on a certain degree of limitation, for a particular vehicle has certain attributes. It has certain capabilities. There are things that it can do. There are also things that it cannot do. The joy is in the interplay.

An understanding is gained. A mastery is learned of the ability to create within a certain limitation. You are all very able creators outside such limitations. The physical applies a very specific discipline, for there is a consistency in the density of energy that exists within the physical that maintains a consistency of momentum. It allows you to work on the process of planting seeds.

As you choose to alter the reality, there is this opportunity to hold the seed of an idea. As you hold that idea, which indeed is a seed, then energy circulates around that idea.  As more energy over a prolonged period of time circulates around that idea then that idea can grow shoots, can be nurtured by that, and it can begin to bring about a changed experience.

This is not the manner in which creation manifests in other planes necessarily. Different planes of existence run with different sets of preestablished rules. And yet, you see this idea of seed reflected very beautifully in nature. It is not that nature thinks of a tree and the fully grown tree is then present the next day. Rather, there is a period of time by which that idea becomes progressively more established. Also represented within nature is the effortlessness principle of that process.

In working with body consciousness, there are established rules, practices. You could also call it a form of programming, which has successfully brought that body consciousness through to the point that it currently enjoys.

There is now the opportunity for this evolution of yourselves, but concurrently with that is this opportunity for evolution of the body consciousness. As you grace the body with your presence and connection with it, then over a period of time, the benefit of that which you bring becomes seeded through the genetics of the body consciousness into the future of the human line. Just as some of the experiences that are preestablished and available have been implanted, if you will, established through the experiences of past generations.

One of the questions that arises here has to do with the speed with which such processes may engage. For, dear friends, sometimes when there is a condition you desire to have changed, do you not experience a hint of impatience upon occasion?

Indeed. So, there is this question of speed. Now, will is one component which can impress successfully upon body consciousness, especially if that will is through an aspect of necessity. The body consciousness is aligned that when an energy is imposed upon it from the aspect of survival, of that which is essential, then body consciousness can change and adapt quickly. Although this is one mechanism through which that change can happen rapidly, there is a stressfulness in that process.

As humanity is now moving forward, it is exploring and looking for more enjoyable ways of invoking that change. We would advocate then the reaching to, and connecting to, an energy that we might refer to under the name of Love. Love has a number of interpretations attached to it. So, we do get into “What is the meaning of a particular word that we use?”

Insofar as a condition in the body is met with resistance and intention to forcibly change, or persuade, or cajole, or manipulate, then a process of resistance is engaged. We wish to suggest to you that there is a level of energy that you can reach to, even as is connected more obviously in a channeling space, where an energetic flow is enabled and empowered.

Now, insofar as there is the opportunity to maintain an awareness of an energy, let us say, above you. We are cautious of the using directional language here, for, from other perspectives it could be perceived as within you. From the perspective of the body, there is this connection above, for you, dear friends, have that aspect of yourself which you have parked at a level that is sometimes referred to as higher self, which is again, but a step in the connectivity of your consciousness with Source. The higher self is still an aspect of yourself that is relatively engaged at the physical level. And yet, since it is not fully immersed in the physical, it has access to a broader view. We might say, a helicopter view, of circumstances.

Normally the process of connection with this higher self is not through the reasoning, thinking mind. It can be a common practice that people will turn to the reasoning mind, which, after all, works very well in very many practical circumstances, and works well with material that it knows. But here, you are looking for an input effectively from a higher viewpoint, which is outside the knowledge of that thinking, more rational mind. One may refer to the traditional model of the helicopter above the forest, where the thinking mind is seeking sustenance, or a particular direction. From its own reasoning, it may struggle to find an appropriate path. But simply by connecting to the higher viewpoint, that higher viewpoint can introduce an urge, or an impression, or an intuition, or a knowingness that allows a constructive direction to be followed easily and effortlessly.

In the opening of this connective space, a number of things happen. The intuition becomes enhanced. The level of synchronicities rises dramatically. There is also a raising of the energy in the direction of what we might call a love energy. Let me put more words around that. The love energy engages more of a feeling of harmony. It is a harmony. It is a well-being. It is an interest. It is an enthusiasm. It is an engagement.

One possibility that we have been encouraging dear Rick to play with recently has been to step slightly aside from the physical body and to pour energy from a higher connection point into the physical body to bring this connection of good energy down into the physical.

Part of the mechanism that we see at work is that when there is a disharmony between the spiritual component in the physical and the body consciousness, then there tends to be a withdrawal of that spiritual component from the body consciousness. That actually reduces this vital source of energy that is brought to the body consciousness through, in essence, what you experience as your being. For as you leave, then the body simply dies. The degree of separation between yourself and body consciousness is experienced as fearsome by body consciousness. It would be somewhat akin to a parent withdrawing their support of a child that was dependent upon them.

Instead then, as a seed idea, we would like to implant this idea that you can connect above, and in that process you can allow a flow of well-wishing, of an energy of harmony, of grace, and well-being to be entering into the physical, and allowing the physical to receive that.

As the body consciousness starts to become accustomed to being the recipient of such flow, why then there is an uplifting in the cells. There is a joyousness that returns. There is a relaxation at that physical level from its concern and striving for survival.

We wish to reiterate this idea of the seed. In implementation of a change, it is enough simply to be planting the idea of the possibility without expectation that anything radically changes in a particular defined timeframe. As you experience with and play with this approach, recognize this approach, recognize its ability to support you, then as wins are experienced, there is a confidence that grows with this.

It is evident in the way that many successful actions happen within the physical, something is started. There is the beginning plan, the idea of a new highway that is to be built. Of course, for that to happen, there is a great deal of human engagement and energy of resources to be applied yet to allow that to happen.

In the process of simply planting that idea, there is then the watching for the beginning signs of growth. There is the opportunity to acknowledge those steps and allow that change to take hold progressively. This, my friends, is the approach that we are advocating.

In working with consciousness, we also wish to say that the approaches we bring are modified by the experiences that you have. We are consistently adjusting our impulses, our words and suggestions, for this is a co-creation. This precise set of experiences that we are engaged in invoking have not been explored before. It is true that there are similar circumstances that have been explored, but we look for new ways, new viewpoints, new perceptions. For this attitude embodies and creates the field for the expansion of beingness. There is never a particular ending point here. As more viewpoints are accumulated and more methods of perception may be intertwined, there are endless opportunities for engaging further within the creation.

My friends, I would like to suggest that in this engagement with the body consciousness that the underlying goal is not necessarily that which is seeking to be directly accomplished. But there is an underlying establishment of mastery in your ability to deliberately manifest and create within this physical environment. The construct of consciousness is such that as each one of you achieves some success, then that awareness is made available to the group consciousness. It becomes a viable path.

It is, of course, possible to create entirely new paths. And yet, if there are some paths that have already begun to be opened and have been shown to have an easier viability, why then the civilization on the planet may more easily connect to that, and move forward briskly in its wake, even as is now happening. This is a time of very rapid change. And therefore, it is time of very considerable interest for many parties. There are points in history where change is relatively slow, and yet here, we move into a very rapid set of changes.

We would like to ask you, invite you, to contemplate playing with us. Would you play with us in this arena of consciousness? Would you play with us to help us establish that which is workable, that which is joyful, that which is uplifting, that which helps empower other fellow beings with a sense and enjoyment of mastery?

I would like to pause for a moment here, dear friends, and let us just contemplate and feel the energy that is present. Just before we do this, a couple of words on that. There is the mental thinking process, which may seek to form ideas, but there is this other very deep capability, which is that sense of feeling-ness, a feeling and knowingness. The mental energy, by its very nature, tends to occupy a certain frequency band, which is somewhat lower than this ability to intuit and to feel and to know. We, therefore, move to the space where the figuring mind ceases to be the boss and is recognized as a contributory part of this expanded beingness that in essence is you.

Let us hold and let us reflect quietly and feel some of the energies that are present here in this room. Feel the energies of intersection of the five of us. There is a vortex of energy created. In this vortex of the five, there is support for each one.

As you connect to this vortex through sense of feeling, awareness, allow there also to be this connection, if you will, slightly below you to the body consciousness. There may be a relaxation in the breathing. As the body consciousness is open to this energy that it may feel as a warmth, like a form of sunlight. And yet from your perspective, there is still this awareness of this vortex above.

Embedded in this vortex above, my friends, is also a sense of play. There is the secret smile. There is this awareness at a higher level of connection. Simultaneously, we hold this connection with the physical bodies and the body consciousness. We allow an aligning process. We allow an aligning of certain frequencies. Into this alignment of energies, we may incorporate certain qualities, even as you may choose to add a hint of a spice to particular dish.

There is in this connection a flavor, a hint of inspiration. There is a hint of an awareness of how to create. There is that hint of awareness of your own beingnesses, unlimited, eternal. There is allowing the body consciousness to feel this, and feel this connection to, for this is immensely refreshing to the body consciousness that often is engaged in issues of survival.

There is a level of well-being that begins to be felt by the body consciousness, that it may reflect back that energy, that balance, and that well-being that moves that concept of chore from activities and restores instead a sense of playfulness and dance.

I thank you, my friends, for it is a very beautiful view that you extend to us, engaging, witnessing the energy that you are holding.

In this energy, there also is a certain stillness, and there is a clarity of perception. Let us simply hold this seeded space for yet another minute or two.

Once again, I point you to this connection with this harmony above, and this connection that you are allowing into body consciousness and the cells of the body.

My dear friends, there is an appreciation here in the beauty of that which you are allowing. As the cells in your body can attune more to this level of energy, there comes a point further along the timeline where this energy creates a coherent field around the body, which then simply impacts the well-being of others by your presence alone in a room. It provides, if you will, a tuning fork that becomes recognized by others body consciousness.

Today, my friends, we plant some seeds. There is opportunity to return to the awareness of these seeds. And yet, these seeds are not limited to the words or ideas expressed this evening. You may also bind into this set of frequencies ideas that occur to you and feel appropriate, ideas that are within a certain harmony of this field that has been established.