We are taking up the opportunity and the challenge here to engage with you. And we want to point you to your point of attraction. We are going to introduce you to a refinement on this question of the point of attraction.

Let us say you are at loggerheads with someone else. They are making certain claims accompanied in a certain energetic fashion. If you are simply responding to that, and trying to say why those claims are not valid, well then, you see your point of attraction has been engaged at that level. You are responding to, reacting to that which is being brought forth.

So it is appropriate to be finding a different point to interface, a point where you can play in the manner in which you would prefer. The engaging with an interface in a creative fashion to render it that which you would prefer is very much what you are doing in the entirety of life. So if you can engage an interface which itself is capable of then addressing those issues at a more detailed level then you care to operate, why then, this is a practical way forward.

You are looking to shift your focus from ABC Company here to the interfacing with the lawyers. And may we suggest that for your point of attraction, you are looking to create a joyful experience with the interface with the lawyers. Now, as your focus is on the joyful interface with them, then your energy can depart from connection, response to that with ABC Company. The process for addressing that is fundamentally one of intention. For instance, if your intention in communicating with the lawyers is one of expressing doubts, why then those doubts needed to be expressed in a particular energetic fashion in order to attract the kind of energetic alignment that you would prefer with these lawyers. So, let it be a creative exploration.

Your work is getting yourself aligned prior to a phone call with the lawyers to establish yourself in a place where you can engage with focus and be internally cheerful from your own point of view. Notice this is not about being, let us say, overly friendly therefore, or chatty with the lawyers. This is not the way to interpret this.

What is important is your interface. There is this level of your interface with yourself that you are cheerfully interfacing with. That part of you is then interfacing with the lawyers to establish this factual aligned space that you would desire with them. So really, we are pointing you to several levels of interface here. Just as there is a level from us down to you, and indeed within ourselves, there are multiple levels. So it is helpful to recognize these different levels within yourself, and to have them aligned with a precision that allows the appropriate energy to be attracted.

So the first recommendation from us here is that you spend a little time working with yourself to designate that part of yourself that can then do the role-playing with lawyers. And the purpose of that role-playing is the establishment of an understood, clear path forward, where they also understand how they are to be interrelating with you, how you prefer them to be interrelating with you.

The chosen interface between the lawyers and ABC Company is a matter for the lawyers. It may be appropriate that they advise you how they intend to address that, and yet that aspect needs to be a manner in which they can buy into, they can make their own.

Now I would like to refer you to something you were feeling with some excitement in the last few days. And this is a connection where you are going to maintain your level of beingness more connected with nonphysical energies and beings, in essence, playing more with us on an ongoing and continuous basis. So then your level of being that you are experiencing is shifting to a higher level within yourself, within your expanded self. But at that higher level, this is then the interface point where you are joyfully looking to play.

That does not mean that you have to abandon all the levels beneath, but the levels beneath can be set up so that appropriate energy can flow through them. This is no different than taking on a physical body which is set up with a whole series of energetic structures that you do not have to worry about. So if there is an invasion in your physical body and there is some form of infection or a virus that has entered into your body, in many, many, many times, you are not even aware that this has occurred because the system is in place to go and address that particular virus, those particular germs.

And your body does this. So, from the perspective of the germs and the virus, of course, do not expect them to be happy about that! To them, this is a serious matter. It would seem like there is a death point for them and they are fighting therefore for high-stakes within your body. It is simply not appropriate for you to be communicating with their level of intelligence. What would you be asking them to do? This is really not something for your engagement.

So we are exaggerating the difference here perhaps to portray an aspect of these different layers. So there are many, many layers throughout the creation. And gaining an understanding of these layers and being able to fluidly operate from different layers is a growing skill within you and is going to be extremely beneficial going forward.

In summary, it is really this concept of multiple levels of consciousness that you yourself hold. You are not bound to just simply one level of consciousness. And it is about recognizing the interplay between those levels within you. The tendency for a human being is to identify with the one level that they are emotionally sitting in at any particular given time. And yet, of course, the consciousness that is operating is different when the energetic level that is being engaged is different.

So, in becoming aware of these differences, it is a practical consideration to be holding oneself just as an actor would in a play. The actor is playing the role full-out in a convincing way, a way convincing enough to convince audiences, and yet fully aware that that actor is acting the role from a space of intention. The consciousness, therefore, is not fully lost into being the role that is being played.

So, managing this in life will enable you to adhere to the level, and play at the level within yourself that you prefer, the one that is giving you the most joy. And yet it still makes available to you the opportunity to have the other levels of consciousness manned, but because of the way you manage your attention, your emotional level is engaged at the level that you prefer.

Thank you my friends. Thank you for entertaining us today, and we look forward to coming and speaking again.