I am feeling tonight that we might have a little bit of fun. There is an area which is really complementary to some of the pieces that you have been working on. I would like to invite you to join me in a meditational space where we can engage with earth energies.

We will work with our concept of tetrahedrons. I wish to ally myself to one of the focuses that you have. This is a practical aspect, for we are dealing here with energies which are close to human energies. There is this divide between spiritual energies and human energies. There is no specific point of divide, but there is this different range of frequencies to be bridged. And what we wish to look at today are energies in and around the physical, and just bordering bridging from the physical towards the spiritual.

Now the theme I wish to weave into these earth energies on this occasion is money. This has a sense of abundance, but we are including here specifically an energy of money. I want to tune into the feeling and energies in and around money, and of course, there is a great deal of energy connected with that. There are different energies attached to the subject matter, and yet there is this opportunity to attach to that warmer feeling, to engage, if you will, a momentum, a vortex connected with earth energies and connected with a flow of abundance, for everything on the planet is growing and supported from the essence of Mother Earth. And things in and around money are as practical manifestations, in some respects, as the growing of other biological lifeforms, plant lifeforms.

So we are looking here at it as a manifestation. I wish to draw your attention on this occasion to the warmth within it. This then changes the connection and your ability to draw that in in an aligned and least effortful way into your experience. Not, of course, to say that you do not already have money in your experience. Absolutely you do. And yet there is a reaching here for a further level of abundance and connection. And there is this opportunity that presents itself here tonight.

So, my friends, let us adopt a meditational stance. And let us consider the tetrahedron shape. Let us allow there to be a tetrahedron shape forming initially with its point above the body. Let us allow that tetrahedron point to expand upwards and allow the tetrahedron to expand to a structure with a deeper base into the ground beneath, and a point somewhere slightly above the roof. Let us engage this flow of energy from below so that there is tangibly this sense of energy coming up and supporting these bodies, nurturing and nourishing them.

In this flow, let us allow there to be this concept, this awareness of the principle of money as a manifestation. Let us feel the roots of this tetrahedron down below us into the earth, gathering the energy for this manifestation. And there is an upward flow of energy, up into these bodies. It is like a flow of energy that moves through the perineum and up through the core of the bodies. As it extends above the head, there is a flow back down, an egg-shaped flow as it then goes around and down and back up. There is this flow engaged within the body. It is being reinforced and enhanced from below.

There is a certain know-how about the managing of money, and yet here we are looking more at an energy that is cold, and that has with it something akin to the golden touch. And so we take the idea of money, which feels somewhat abstract, and instead, we feel a flow of warmth of substance, of nurture and of abundance, a variation of the abundance of nature flowing through the interwoven concept of money, and available to be summoned.

We are looking for a tangibility. We are taking the feeling of money into just that, a feeling. People talk of the smell of money. Let us weave that with a joyful sense, with a powerful sense. There is a comfort to this flow, like being in the comfort of a leather-filled car. There is an energy available, and there is a vibration connected with it. There is a tangible vibration connected with this, my friends, and this allows others to respond to that, they can feel it.

We work here, not just with abundance as a nice principle, but the very tangible feel of potency and energy represented by flows of money available to your experience, to flow through your experience, to be attracted into your experience for there is energy of money to come and play with you. Do you feel that, my friends, the sense of money wanting to play with you?

Now there is this sense of money desiring to play with you. And now there is the question of finding that avenue to allow the flows to start to move. There is this opportunity to talk about money as something to play with, to engage in joyfully. There is some excitement to that flow. So my friends, there is a consciousness to money.

If money was a person, would you let him or her come and sit at the table with you? Would you let him or her underpin your human existence here? There are points of resistance in the human energy to concepts of money. It should not be needed, or it is a bad thing, or I should not be dependent on it. There are the rules, the shoulds and the should nots, the opinions.

It is a powerful resource. There is this opportunity for change in the way that people hold viewpoints about money. Notice this energy flow. There is a strong energy flow coming up from the earth. Feel this flowing through the veins of the body. Let us allow a very positive connotation on this enabling friend. Let us support it as all on this planet in a very constructive manner, allowing and enabling our processes of exchange, and also empowering the ideas of creativity. Any of the masters of creativity on this planet have understood the potency of this, and have taken this energy to be their friend, woven it through their creations.

Let us allow there to be an opulence connected with money, a sense of jewels, of gems, the glitter of value. And let us allow a sense of money with a sense of beauty, a harmony of alignment, optimization. Let us recreate this sense where people talk of the love of money as being in some way wrong or bad. Love, real love, is never bad. It is a love of inclusion, a love of allowing, and a love of alignment and contribution. Let us allow money to be a player at this table. Let it be an energy that can flow through us.

As these bodies are magnetized and aligned with beauty of money, let us allow these bodies to attract that flow and to direct it. Money is forever looking for the conductor of the orchestra who wishes to play. And as money is held so, then there is an awareness of, and a harmonizing with that flow. For some human beings, this would mean establishing a peace with that flow. Feel the well-being, and how aligned that is to the well-being of these bodies, and of the empowerment of the ability to engage in that which you are passionate about. As this physical flow of energy, of vibration coming up from the planet, it is a sustaining flow.

As you move forward in your connections, your reaching out, your touching of people, consider being connected to this flow while you are with them. The engagement of selfless service can deny the beautiful flows that could otherwise accompany a return for wonderful service given. And there is opportunity to play with flows of money that are not necessarily one’s own, such as the directing of a company, the making of decisions with respect to a group, and a piece of your consciousness is open into the flows of energy.

Let us allow these bodies to acknowledge a new friendship, this subject of money, with a tangible sense of the energy of well-being. Know there is this abundance of money everywhere on this planet, available wherever people summon it as a friend.

Let us take a pause. Notice now the change in the feeling of the bodies. Notice there is a tangible change in feeling connected with this subject, and therefore this can be felt, attuned to, invited, and invoked. As people make friends with the subject of money, it is somewhat akin to the image of somebody striking oil. There is a sense of a hole drilled. There is a connection. And there is a pressure below, and a flow is released. Such flows of oil sustain entire countries.

And yet it is not specifically oil. This relates to the very nature, the way in which nature works on this planet. The seed is sown. The connection is made. The roots grow to connect with Earth. The connection is established. And the single seed multiplies a hundred times, a thousand times.

Let there be a joy and a satisfaction in the mastery in the handling of the summoning of these flows, and a managing of these flows. Let that be allied with, aligned with the spiritual flows that sustain the life principle itself.

So my friends, thank you for playing with me tonight. I have enjoyed myself, for you have caused me to take forward my own viewpoints somewhat of money. This is a creative repositioning of money, but in a tangible way.

I hold you, of course, in my warmth, my love, my heart, and my being. Much joy and love to you, and I shall take my leave.