Question: From your point of view, what is the nature of what we call allergy?

Answer: There are different levels from which this may be perceived. Let me offer a perspective. All perspectives carry a truth, and yet some perspectives are more workable, and therefore, more useful.

Within that sense of allergy, there is, at the body consciousness level, a resistance connected to an experience within its domain. The body consciousness then becomes divided against itself. A resolution that we may offer is that consideration of yourself acting as the parent for both sides. It may be helpful to have the understanding and the realization that both of those energies held within the body consciousness, which are apparently in conflict, both from their own perspective are holding what they consider to be the best interests of the whole. There is not a lack of integrity. There is however a misalignment with a more harmonic possibility.

We therefore mentioned the word “love” at an early stage within this process. That love embraces an allowingness for both sides without the making wrong of either. And it allows a space in which those two sides may be present and reach for a solution that perhaps they do not see in the moment but can become offered and apparent as the idea that resolution is seeded.

The body consciousness works with certain rules, if you like, and mostly those rules serve it well. And yet, once a division is established, there is a difficulty then which is maintained going forward, like two human parties insisting on their own rightness. The common goal that is established includes the empowerment both sides and also offers the allowingness for them to recognize that. The imposition of a resolution upon those parties does not resolve the issue in the same way as holding a space in which those aspects of consciousness may themselves recognize a better way.