Question: There is a noticeable disturbance when other people are present, for example in our house. Is that something I need to pay attention to? And if so, in what way?

Answer: Each individual carries a certain complexity of energy, of vortices of energy, which are fundamentally habitual, a habitual pattern. Not that it is unchangeable. Indeed, this is precisely what we are doing in the work. We are changing these energetic patterns.

There is a desire within you to assist people. There is an allowingness of the energy of such people. And to some degree, in your connection with such people, there is a tendency to attune your energies to theirs. This may lead, then, to a feeling of discomfort. In some ways, this is initiated through that desire to establish a certain empathy with others.

We would wish to suggest to that you hold to your own vortex. There is a certain mastery to the holding of a certain vortex, and yet, with some soft edges. This does not necessarily therefore need to be intrusive or butt up against those energies that others bring. There is a very powerful rotating energy that can hold you to the core of yourself. There are devices in your world, indeed, that spin rapidly and are used to help navigate by holding a stability through their own rotating energy.

There is a certain mastery there in realigning with your own core energy. We suggest one factor that may help. In the engagement with other people, first engage with this connection above yourself. If you engage from that sense of stability with this higher energy of yourself which may then flow through you, may emanate through, then your energy will be less impacted.

If, by contrast, you have taken all attention away from your own connection, why then there is less stability and a greater potential that you may form a connection with others at the level at which they are holding energy.

There is a freedom here as to how you would engage this and play with this. Perhaps, our recommendation is to engage in that consciously and to hold to that stability of your own. You may hold a stability by recognizing, for instance, a stability that you have felt in a group, or with one other. The vortex that you hold there can be like a third person. It is available to support you, even when you are not specifically with the group or the other.

It is the bringing of some conscious attention to the availability of this flow of energy that is fundamentally always available to you, and the engagement of its flow through your being that will then washout gently into the environment around you. And, in fact, allows progressively that opportunity to those visiting your home to choose to realign more around your energy than you around theirs.

And here there is some discernment, for there may be moments when you wish to align also around aspects of their energy. There is discernment here.