There is a broader direction that is happening for society in general. And yet, at the individual level, there can be these reactions to things that are occurring. There are quite a number who have undertaken significant spiritual work and self-work. And the expectation is that in the process of addressing that work, surely, have I not cleared these issues? Why then should I still experience a negative emotion, if I am calling it negative when it arises?

I wish to point you to the way that energies are actually stored within the physical body, and how the physical vehicle serves as a reflector of experience, and provides an ability to feel. At expanded spiritual levels, feeling becomes more the instrument rather than thinking. Thinking is a process necessary for the human experience. And yet, when thinking becomes excessive, then it engages in the body different ways of suppressing feeling that would otherwise be reflected back, which causes engagements happening at somewhat unconscious level. So, part of the process is actually opening the very cells of the body, engaging with the physical body, to let out some of those energies which have been held through suppression.

It is helpful then to think of oneself as more than one person in a way, for there is the physical presence, the, shall we call it, normal human consciousness embracing the reactive nature associated with living with a human body. And yet, there is that broader part of you which is capable of stepping back just a little and being the observer of those reactions. There is an opportunity to communicate from that space, as one would, say, to family members in distress, using in this analogy parts of the body that are holding distress as family members, to open and allow them to come to the table, allow them to speak.

We would suggest perhaps that this may be done within your own space, within your own energy. It is not a case necessarily of speaking to others or allowing that flow of information to come straight from a reactive component straight to another, for that tends to trigger reactive responses in others. Therefore, there is this shepherding of one’s own awareness. There is this higher aspect that is capable of observing, with interest, these mechanisms, and calling these parts of you that are not yet fully in alignment, and allowing them to have their piece, to you, not necessarily to others. And through that process of alignment, the power that is contained within them, then becomes aligned with your own power, and the strength of your own flame then grows from that unison.

Much like a nation of warring states. Let us take, for an example, America. North America was previously made up of many different states, which were effectively each their own country. In that process of coming together, it was not necessarily an easy process. Indeed, there was the eruption of a Civil War at one point. And yet, the potency of that group working in alignment has been responsible for, contributed to, much of the development of the planet.

One of the factors I would ask you to consider would be, perhaps, one of the steps of enlightenment is lightening up on yourself. Where you are actually lightening up, you see, on some of the component consciousnesses that you are corralling together and calling yourself, for these consciousnesses in the body are not entirely the same as the consciousness that is you. There is a team at work, you see. And as you become the mediator, as well as the sovereign, of this team, for the team needs a sovereign. But as you become the mediator, one by one, these pieces fall in line to your greater empowerment.