What an interested combination of topics: timelines and body consciousness. The connecting theme is the mechanism of pulling one’s energy, or one’s consciousness, slightly up and back. It was brought to Rick’s attention that at the start of this channeling, he noticed a pulling back of energy, a focus, if you will, at a point moving slightly behind the head and slightly above the head in order to initiate the channeling process.

We offer this same mechanism in dealing with issues that arise, and in helping to reset your energy. When you find you are experiencing issues of discomfort, we encourage you to adjust your energy in this manner. With some further practice, this will empower you to manage your state much more effortlessly and satisfactorily. It is like pulling the body consciousness slightly back and up, reminding the body consciousness of who it is, of its role, and its capability to support this connection, your connection with spirit, and in particular, with the dimension of time.

Some of you might be familiar with this from a prior teaching in Mastering Alchemy. A precise instruction is less significant here than the opportunity to hold a general principle, a possibility, and to play with it a bit.

If/when you find yourselves drawn more into the body or worries or discomforts arising more from the habitual body consciousness, the act of engaging this slight pull back and up is somewhat akin to bringing the body consciousness to attention and reminding it of the support available from the connection, at which point the body consciousness can become receptive.

You, of course, become receptive, but there is this opportunity for the body consciousness to become receptive and to allow a retuning of its energy in alignment with the higher frequency that is available to it through this simple mechanism. You may also from this space listen to suggestions and ideas. It is a combination of a sense of listening and a sense of feeling.

In a way, you could consider that this sense of feeling combined with a sense of listening hits a midpoint as in The Gene Keys where contemplation hits a midpoint between concentration and meditation. It is allowing for dual sources of information, both those that are more mental and those that are felt.

Let us move to consider time somewhat more directly. As you attain this space of being slightly pulled back from the physical body, a midpoint between the physicality and a broader spiritual beingness, then there is a lifting out of the domination of the moment, and an invitation extended to the body consciousness to start to engage in feeling along a timeline. What we are opening here is that, in addition to the mental perspective of timelines, the idea of it, we wish to add a feeling perception of timelines.

This is felt through the physical body consciousness, physically connected body consciousness. And as it starts to engage, then there is a habituation that can become established, for truly this body consciousness has extraordinary capabilities. Drawing its awareness into your confidence and inviting it to play in a broader space will allow it to emanate energies that are in alignment with these broader thoughts that you may be holding across time.

In the absence of a connection to time, body consciousness is more attuned to responding, reacting in the moment. In the absence of mastery of time, there is reaction. As the body consciousness becomes attuned to ideas of time and can expand the reactionary moment into, initially just a shorter timeline and then a slightly longer timeline, then the confidence of the physical consciousness can start to rise.

It rises underneath the example that you are able to provide. You provide an example, and you hold a higher space, and you hold open a connection, and you allow an ease and a comfort and a well-being to seep into this body consciousness.

When the body consciousness is awoken, then the issues that it will draw to your attention need not be those matters of fear and anxiety, but utilizing the bodies extended senses, nonphysical senses, then the body consciousness can bring to your awareness matters on expanded planes of consciousness.

Again, the duty then is not a requirement on yourself to perceive, but simply to allow the mechanisms of perception to which you are connected to serve you, joyfully. For it is a joyful experience of the body consciousness to be able to contribute into the broader well-being. The reactionary fears that the body consciousness brings are its best attempt to serve you from the level at which it is operating.

So, this idea of lifting back a little, lifting up a little, taking some of the weight off the body and the body structure. Allowing the physical body consciousness to engage in or be witness to your process of contemplation is very akin to the processes of training other animal consciousnesses. And as this relationship is then expanded, the opportunities available for this consciousness to serve in expanded ways become very considerable.

Let us return to a consideration of timelines. Lifting slightly back and slightly up, just enough to take you out of the habitual unfolding of the timeline in a somewhat unconscious steady pattern. We pull back and up, and now we bring awareness to the timeline. It is possible from this perspective to begin to look at a longer timeline.

We can look forward. This is slightly above the actual timeline as it has been operating and we can also have the idea of turning the head and looking back. This would be turning your nonphysical head and looking back to notice the timeline, the places from which your effective consciousness has come, and to where it now presides and also the potentials of flow available to it in moving forward.

With this combined feeling sense of the timeline, which you may pick up from the physical body consciousness, combined with a mental awareness of potentials of working with timelines, this combination of the two brings new capability, new states. When you are simply ready to proceed with normal routine life actions, there can be then this slight dropping back into the adjusted physical flow, which has now been established. It may be very similar or slightly changed from that along which you were previously running.

There is this point of practice, this slight pulling up, pulling back, and also drawing with that, holding with that, the attention of the physical body consciousness, and the reaching for a feeling sense of spiritual connection. The feeling sense of spiritual connection is, of course, an energetic connection. It is an expansion of awareness to being able to feel energies, nonphysical energies, to feel these more subtle energies. As a feeling awareness of them is established, then the opportunity to utilize these in life is radically altered.

There is this opportunity to utilize this awareness for mapping out your paths, your timelines, in a sophisticated manner. This brings with it also the security of knowing ahead of time the flow of energies that is established. This provides for a confidence and a capability.

Let me give an example around the timelines. In your discussions today, you were reviewing the possibility of Egypt. The energy of both of you was engaged. You were both feeling this trip. You were, to put other words upon it, exploring a timeline in a tangible feeling manner. You were also feeling other potentials, potentials with a group, potentials for an expanded working with energies. Notice the combination of the thought of possible timelines, or possibilities in your future, along with the energetic feeling that came with them. This is how you map out your path, how you step forward with confidence and capability and joy.