Hello dear friends, it is I Thoth.

Okay, my friends, so time to take forward this work we are doing, a step at a time, and yet, I wish to interpose here a short recap on the focus of our sessions, that is where we seek to guide this experience. There is this essence of you in this fundamental understanding of your beingness as a spiritual being and that potential separation therefore of your existence from the physical body. And there is certainly the intellectual concept of the idea of coming and joining a physical body and having an experience as a physical body.

In this particular series, we have been exploring this possibility of gaining the ability to separate somewhat from the physical body, to loosen some of the binding ties, that you may re-establish a level of beingness that allows you both to experience joyfully this connection with the physical, but also where you are less rigidly bound to it.

The physical experience here is fairly strongly programmed to provide a certain level of consistency. For those of you that have now addressed basics around integrity, that have addressed some of the basic worries and anxieties in which some still live, that are ready to embrace this idea of expanded awareness and to look at that joyfully. At this level, we now have possibilities that were more challenging in previous times, in previous decades.

As more been moving across the planet in the direction of this expanded awareness, the bonds of the consciousness, the human consciousness, have been weakening slightly. We, now, are seeking to bring to you your own experience of this ability to step slightly inside and outside of that limitation and to restore, therefore, a different perspective of life in the physical, where you may enjoy also an expanded connection to this greater part of yourself. As this happens, there is greater ability to make adjustments to the physical consciousness.

One language might be adjustment to the programming of that system. And yet, it is not a programming of a dead system, it is the programming or the consciousness of the attitude of biological life in the form of limbs, organs, cells. Much as you assist your friends, by guiding them and guiding their thought processes into a direction of uplifting possibility, so there is this opportunity to act as guide to the various levels of beingness within your physical beingness, that are in essence those that you have joined, shall we say, for this human experience, but are not in their entirety you, for your beingness is something different. It is something broader. It is something more expansive.

That as our backdrop. In the last session, where Metatron was kind enough to guide, there was a desire to bring you further to this awareness of yourself as a spiritual being and to bring to you this memory that is available but is perhaps dim, to make that memory more available of your own earlier connection to this physical body. As you become aware of that interface, to extend to you more the opportunity to make adjustment to it.

I/we wish to reiterate again here that the adjustments that are made to the habits, the mannerisms, the patterns, the programs of the physical are not so much a case of a rewiring at the conventional physical level in the same way as one might rewire a piece of equipment, but it is working with levels of consciousness. It is bringing ideas with a sense of leadership. It is bringing ideas that have imbued within them a sense of good energy. A sense of well-being is helpful in allowing the consciousness within the body to recognise that well-being and be willing to drop some of its behaviour and re-tune itself around these ideas that you bring. You bring a leadership into this physical experience, just as you may bring leadership, understanding into the roles of other human beings.

By standing back slightly from your own physical, mental, and emotional beingness’s, there is an opportunity to add leadership to them and to allow them to make the transition. It is not so much a case of work on your part, so much as it is one of guidance, of reconnecting to that clarity of thought that allows for a lighter, higher, cleaner vibration. That allows the physical beingness, the mental beingness, the emotional beingness to re-attune around the standard that you are now holding.

The change in experience, for you are experiencing through these physical bodies, is changing how these physical bodies respond to external stimuli. Let us take a moment to consider this idea around protection. There is an interaction between human bodies. There is a response according to learned or programmed attitudes within one physical body beingness responding to another, for there are learned patterns. In many cases, these are highly useful and indeed establish a stability of operation for the physical beingness. And yet sometimes, some of the attitudes that have permeated into that combined consciousness do not serve as beneficially as might now be desired.

The feeling in relation to, let us say, protection, and we refer here now more to that sense of mental and emotional protection than we do to a sense of physical protection, then there is this opportunity for you to stand back slightly from your own consciousness, and to introduce changes at that level. The shielding of that mental or emotional beingness by way of protection is a valid shorter-term approach, for in many circumstances that may then allow the resurgence of the sense of safety, which is related to well-being.

And yet, the longer-term direction is a desire to progressively allow this dropping of a need for protection as there is a confidence gained in the ability to maintain oneself stably and in a sense of well-being in many different circumstances. This then has the potential to become a consistent grounded state of being.

Let me comment momentarily on this idea of mental loops that can hold a form of precedence where a negative train of thought may then cause a trigger in the emotional responses which can lead to triggers in the endocrine system, which in turn creates a feeling of lack of well-being and triggers further thoughts.

Dear Marybeth and Rick have, in the last week or two, been practicing also with another lady in their household the process of meditating, of simply sitting down for 15 minutes into a meditative posture to allow a clearing of thoughts, to allow a breaking of trains of negative energy loops. The opportunity of quietening one’s mind, when met by those circumstances, is probably the most powerful approach that we would recommend. It is helpful if this may be done in pairs, if there is somebody to do this with. You may also experiment with the process of sitting in front of the mirror, for this also gives you a different perspective of beingness as you extend your awareness into the reflection of the being in the mirror.

For now, my friends, I would like for us to hold a meditative space. Let us practice this point. I wish to introduce you to one slightly new principle, one additional tool in your armoury. As we invite you to step back from the physical beingness slightly, you do so step back, but the physical beingness, the consciousness connected with the physical beingness of the body level, also holds a sphere which is bigger than just the physical body.

Part of the reason that the stepping back from the physical body works, is that this takes you into connection with a greater part of the overall beingness of the physical body, of the genetic intelligence line. Its awareness is more spherical. It holds a space at the back of the body. As you likewise hold that space, there is an opportunity to interrelate with that.

Let us try this now. Let us take this space of the back of the body, and let us have a sense of moving our own awareness slightly back, back if you like to the rear side of the chakra’s, back of the chakra the heart, the solar plexus, back of the chakra from the throat and the third eye.

As you seek to make changes within your consciousness, let us practice focusing on the intelligence at the back of the chakras. Let us allow the energy, the consciousness of these chakras, to take that energy in. We now work with the body consciousness by directing it slightly from the back. Let us be aware of a connection above that brings and makes available an energy of well-being to us and then let us allow this to flow down the back and into the chakras of the back. As you do so notice the change in the feel of the body, in your experience of the feel of the body.

Notice the sense of ease that introduces within the body. There is as an expression where people say to each other ‘I have your back’. In this exercise, we invite you to quite literally have your own back. If there is a situation that feels like protection is needed, see if it is possible to have your own back.

Let us just play with this skill, this awareness, for a few minutes yet. You may notice as you support these back chakras, just slightly back of the physical body, and hold an energy of well-being there, that there is an ease and softness in the breath, and a more natural uprightness body. Let us hold also to this idea of clean and supportive and beautiful energy from this more expanded aspect of yourself, or indeed ourselves, for at my level, I also reach for this energy from an expanded level.

Let there be a flow of wellness through the physical body. You may notice how you may move your beingness forward, more into the body, and to connect more directly through energetic lines within the body, with aspects of the body, or you may operate slightly back of the body and operate the body through this layer of intelligence that is available to you and available for your use.

Notice this sense of well-being that is available to the body as you hold this energy slightly back of the physical body. Perhaps a note may be made that in practical life, in meeting a situation that triggers some concern or tension or slight lack of well-being, that there is this opportunity to re-attune around the energy at the back of the body and to focus on the flowing of well-being into your body. This is a dual awareness process, for there is that to go on whilst also having some awareness of the external circumstance. This slightly meditative posture can bring a quietness, or a greater degree of quietness at any rate, to the external situation and bring a certain calmness that may allow the tension in external circumstances to subside.

These are very practical skills, my friends, for they build. These are more than simply seeds in your awareness. In each one of you, as I look at you all individually, there are already shoots from these seeds.

As this meditative space is held and as there is a sense of well-being established in the physical body, this sense of connecting to the energy at the back and this flowing of well-being, there is also this opportunity to have a feeling of sitting back and allowing a scanning of purpose, of intention, of possibility. As you are able to cater through ordinary circumstances with greater ease, then more of your attention may open to the ideas which each of you are already drawing, but not yet fully recognising.

There has already been an ongoing calling from your beings, for you are all here aware beings. There is a drawing of answers, responses. Those ideas that land in such a state may be bound, if you choose, into that flowing of well-being, into the body consciousness, into the emotions, into that human mental aspect. And as that beingness feels the well-being energy, the ideas you mingle with that are associated and a certain further focus and drawing forth of those ideas is established.

It becomes a natural retuning of your human beingness that it may intuitively draw and highlight into your experience the ideas that you allow and feed through. One of these ideas, my friends, one of these seeds is this seed of willingness of yourself and also this body consciousness to allow this easier, lighter connection that further expands your ability to, as they say in another human expression, ‘think out of the box’.

While we hold this state, with this ability to flow well-being here, with this connection to the chakras at the back of the body, let us invite a seed of thought that this energy may extend well-being at multiple levels into the physicality and into this human consciousness. That the body consciousness itself may know areas that it can apply this energy to and spread this sense of well-being without necessity that you be aware of all the details.

Let this body consciousness be your lieutenant. In serving you more strongly, may you become more supported in your ability to maintain these higher-level connections of inspiration, possibility, well-being, growth, and, if you so choose, faster growth. Let us bring in this flow and sow this seed also of opportunity for greater conscious understanding, familiarity with spiritual principles being merged into the physical beingness. Let us have that idea of a growing mastery be seeded here, that there may be a flowering of this consciousness combination.

My friends, you do me the greatest honour and bring me the greatest gift by advancing your own beingness’ in joyful directions. If you will but walk this path a little while longer, there is this growing maturity of mastery in increasing number of areas and it is more geometric than linear, this progress.

These lifetimes before you are at this stage somewhat unwritten. Before, there may have been more of a defined path but in the lightening of consciousness that you have established, there is a growing freedom to choose again, to reconsider directions, to open to further inspiration and expansion. What would that be? In some cases, there is not so much words to describe what that might be but there may be a feeling that you know that you want. A feeling is a representation of energy and you may draw upon a feeling even as you draw upon an idea.

There is a beautiful energy in this group, a beautiful stillness. There is a deep sense of appreciation for you, for your willingness to allow us to play with you and for us to be part of this growth in expansion and awareness for which you provide that leading edge by your decision. My friends, I offer you very, very deep blessings and thank you for this time tonight. For now, I will step back and, all being well, look forward to joining you again at the next session, many blessings.