I spent some time yesterday looking at collections for invoices past due. I put attention on three of them in particular and decided to give each client a little more time. I moved onto a client we have had no responses from at all and did a reach out from their business website. I had a response in minutes. I started to look at the logistics of responding by E-mail, for example adding a signature so it looked a bit professional. Yes, I am new to this aspect of business involvement! Before I could complete the minor task of a response, I had two incoming E-mails. Two of the three clients I had just put attention on, but chose not to reach out to physically yet, sent an E-mail touch base within two minutes of each other. One was a question and the other was just a touch-base to let us know they are working on it. And they both hit “reply all” to include me.

I noticed. It was not to make a big about it, but really it was statistically significant. The timing is to be noticed – because I desire to notice. I desire to understand how things work at the more subtle levels. I desire to direct things from the more subtle levels.

It reminded me of the time in Michigan around my Dad’s death when I watched, for the first time in my awareness, that when I had a thought, understood a direction I wanted to implement, it happened through other people before I had a chance to voice it. It was the first time I saw thought create at that level so consistently.

The next thought I had was a curiosity if my intention to get a business issue around software development resolved had brought about the two new hires in our Australian partnership. Now, that would not look to anyone, including myself, like it had anything at all to do with me. But in this line of thought, from this specific focus of thought, I wondered yet again how much does my desire really change things. How much power do I really have?

I shared the reflection thought out-loud to Rick later in the day. He was curious as well. He saw and pointed to three or four pieces that were key to it happening, and those were not about me at all. We looked a moment at percentages. Could it, from another viewpoint, be viewed as a percentage contribution by different parties?  It clearly was not about me in any direct way. To even have the thought I may have directed it in any way was completed new, and just a curiosity.

This morning, I noticed that even though I set a clear intention over two years ago to sell our Portugal property, that has not happened yet. So very clearly, it is not simply that I set an intention and then it happens. And in some ways, I do know why that is. In this reality, we have to factor in linear time – and something about space also. What I saw that was new though, or a new spiral anyway, is how power and quickness/speed in manifestation is based on alignment.

With the Australia deal, every factor was in alignment: myself, both partners, the new hires, and the potential clients. There was no resistance. It was just allowing factors to realign to let it fall into place very simply. With the Portugal property, there are many conflicting factors, not the least being there is a poverty consciousness that pervades that area.

And then I looked at Glastonbury. One of the positives in this area is the diversity. It opens possibilities. It allows for individualism. But I understand it is has been very difficult to complete projects here, to make real changes. There is an amazing level of power here, from what I feel, in many people. But it is like it is almost dormant as far as what is possible – and here I am looking at it from a Cities of Light perspective. This is because of the lack of alignment. Our neighbor saw this. He spoke of it in terms of the Aquarian Age. My understanding now is that a group of powerful people, without the power of knowing how to align, is going to flounder. There is no focal point, no place to direct the power that is available. So yes, things happen, but we all (or many of us / or some of us) know much more is possible.

I do not remember the words how it was spoken, but I do remember as I listened, I knew I could be that touchstone to move Glastonbury forward significantly. I had to look up the meaning of “touchstone” just now. I am not certain that is the best word, but nor do I feel inclined to change it. Anyway, I could see that I held the ability to form and hold such an alignment, or focus. It was just a knowing.

As I watch what I am seeing and writing today, I am drawn to an E-mail I wrote just a couple days ago. I was trying to express what role I saw myself playing in a proposed experience. There was not a clear label or title, yet I wanted to make it clear I really was behind the project. I wrote, “To try to put it to words simply, I would say I look for alignments, I look for what people want, and I create and amplify the aligned space to bring in power and ideas and simplicity. Things happen. It doesn’t always look like I did anything though.”