Which comes first, the chicken or the egg? Was it our connection to Egypt that Horus responded to? Or was it Horus’ presence I felt as “knocking on our door” that we responded to by inviting Horus to come speak with us if desired? Was it Horus’ intention to open a discussion on archetypes, or was it my questions around them that made them relevant?

Side note: Does anyone know of a proper pronoun to refer to Horus? My understanding is Horus is not an individual, but not a plural, and not an “it.” There is a presence. Horus energy is both masculine and feminine – not neither or just one. Since Horus is presented more as male energy, I will use “he” for now, but this does not feel correct to me.

We did invite Horus energy to come speak with us through Rick in a channeled session. I feel like it was an informational interview. We invited Horus to speak. In simple terms, he understood where we are coming from and he comes in peace (alignment). He gave some background to places we are interested in playing and suggested he was the right energy for this play – if we desired. He also made it very clear it was not exclusive, we could play with any being we chose, but different beings have different perspectives. It sounded and felt like he was looking for ways to interface with us, to show us who he is to see if we want to work together. In some ways, it was very much like interactions with human beings, but in some ways not. There was no competition. There was no “choose me!” There was no exclusion or hurry or pointers to anything fear-based. There was connection. There was invitation. There was acknowledgment. There was desire to play together.

There is a different energy at play with me here as I write also. Maybe it is my own sense of humor or desire to lighten things. The Horus energy was new and different. I called it denser. I feel pressure on/in my crown chakra in particular and also in my head when I put attention on Horus. So I gave the analogy of an informational interview. The other words that were written and then erased was a blind date. It made me smile – but I couldn’t make it work. And then later came the words “we were feeling each out” to see if we wanted to play together. And the words “the right energy for this play” wanted to be written as “the right man for the job!”, with emphasis and inflection. These words and energetics do not make sense to me in this sharing. But it keeps happening and I keep stifling it, so I am sharing that energetic also.

Although not in ways I would have looked at, in this opening discussion, Horus did touch on most of the aspects I was thinking about and had voiced. I will simply share here, verbatim, some of what Horus shared with us.

“I do not exist especially outside the Trinity, and the concept of the Trinity of Osiris and Isis and myself. There is the story of Osiris, Isis, and the story of the creation and the birth of Horus. One aspect of the viewpoint of the story of Osiris combining with Isis, relating to the principle of immortality, refers to the nature of creation itself. With two components established, there is a potential for inter-reaction, and that inter-reaction creates a new viewpoint from which the creation may be seen. Once the third viewpoint is established, it can interrelate further with the first two to create yet additional viewpoints. And this is eternal, my friends. So the creation, once launched, is fundamentally eternal in nature with an expanding range of viewpoints.

“It is possible to work with any of us on any subject, and yet there is a natural domain here, a natural aspect of energies that I can work with you, that I can effectively represent. I would like to suggest to you that this is the area of Egypt. The energies in Egypt were significantly to do with holding a space for consciousness. There was the awareness of a fall in consciousness, and there was a desire to hold a certain line, to hold open certain possibilities. There is an opportunity to review, reconnect somewhat to the energies of that time, the methodologies of that time, and to embrace, if you so choose, aspects of that as part of the weave of the future that you build.

“Part of the Egyptian focus was to create the iconography, the pictures if you will, that could transmit an inspiration, not simply a picture, but iconography that would embrace an energetic such that when it would be seen, when it would be experienced by others, an opening could happen. This opening would not necessarily be something that is understood. Egypt was a cooperation between spirit with the planet, with Earth’s energies, to embellish and hold spiritual messages, spiritual symbology that could allow and open a pondering and an awakening in times to come. Some, in observing the iconography available, would recognize the potency immediately.

“Archetypes at the higher end both represent and are the living dynamism of the one Creator. All ideas that permeate creation have their origination from established archetypal principles. Just as in the story of Horus, there is this interplay of the two, the two viewpoints giving birth to a third. So, the entirety of creation is based upon the interplay between archetypal principles.

“There is a purity and a perfection in these archetypal principles. And it is in that purity and perfection that their potency lies. For instance, there is an archetype of unshakeable perfection. And this archetype permeates the creation. I honor and acknowledge your inclusion of the concept of ease into this principle.”

I do not even remember how it started. I really just remember people reflecting back to me “my” perfection and ease vibration. Somehow that has become a living creation. It is woven into so very much. I felt a “download” a couple years back on writing a book with that title. And I also felt like I did write the book, or it was written already, and I just had to bring the words onto paper here. But with Horus discussing it as he went on to do, I felt something very deep within me. I am not sure the name of the emotion. The word humility comes to mind, but not from the current dictionary definition of that word, nor the general understanding of it. There is an acknowledgment in it. And I do feel honored.

There was one additional piece that brought a deep emotion, and tears to my eyes and throat. I will try to express it in words. The energy of Horus was markedly different from the energies we are used to working with. I have used the words dense and informational. Rick and I agreed it was not warmth, but neither was it cold. I could see how while we are/were engaged in polarities, at least for me, when I needed to go into an experience that I knew I needed to do, I would sort of “steel” myself for what was to come. I “knew” that opening myself to experiences in that way included the bad with the good. It was painful.

I could see in looking at this experience with Horus that the old way of walking into experiences has radically shifted. I am aware of the difference between my reality and other realities that are still optional on this planet at this time. I think I am feeling the new templates while still having some of the old residue within my physical structure yet. I think I am feeling bringing these new templates into this reality. It is an odd experience.

What I can say of the new experience is there is no bad. There is nothing to protect myself from or any reason to “steel” myself in opening to an experience anymore. I now hold an integrity and a precision in alignment to me, to my essence. I know me. And I have stepped out of seeing experiences from the polarity view of it will be good or bad. Now, I can truly look at any experience. I do not have to enter all that present themselves to me, but neither do I have to say no without hearing out the possibilities. And I do not have to fully jump in and fully engage either. I can ask questions. I can attune myself to it and discern from knowing who I am if this resonates with me, if this adds to me. I am so much more clear on “Do I want to play here?”

It is now okay to step into any experience. And there is no need or any pull left to step into one that I do not resonate with. It is now okay to step further into an experience if I so choose. And I am starting to learn how to weave these experiences into my future, into my creations IF I desire to.Every single step is a simple choice.

There seems to be this protocol when initiating experiences with others. We invited Horus to come speak with us if he desired to do so. He spoke to us and invited us to continue the relationship if we desired to do so. It is sharing information. It is sharing who we are. And it is choosing when we wish to combine our viewpoint with another viewpoint to create a third viewpoint.