I found myself awake in the middle of the night last night. I was reviewing three experiences going on that are significant and that require patience to walk them through to a desirable completion. Within watching those creations in motion, I could hear Sanat Kumara’s words in the most recent communication we had. My power has increased, my knowing has increased, my competence has increased, and I am working with several different people and groups. I am now ready to step into more of a leadership role and invite others to join me consciously, intentionally, as they wish or feel called. Below are words taken from this most recent communication.

From April 18, 2020

Let us review some of the background factors arising here. There is a connection with that deeper part of yourself which is engaged and seeking to express through the human level of yourself. That bonding and the power of that connection is increasing. That human mind part, that is charged with running the human body and the standard operations of life down here, does not have an awareness of the agenda, except insofar as it feels it or receives information intuitively from this alternate level.

Although not necessarily directly perceived at the ordinary mental consciousness level, you are very aware that there is an energetic process engaged here. There is an alignment and a soul level aspiration to engage in this experience of helping to transmute some of the more difficult planetary energies and to allow an enhancement of that momentum that is drawing the energy of the planet in the direction of this golden age.

That which transpires on the planet is impacted significantly by the culmination of mass consciousness. And yet, as you add into that space deliberately, shine into that space deliberately, then the potency of that energy, which contains within it an understanding of the processes and that which is being accomplished, then produces a purity of alignment which becomes so much more impactful than the mental callings of many that have not attained such an alignment.

There are many subtle energetic levels which are built into the system, which will realign around the energetic and thought leadership that is being brought through by a smaller number of beings, of which you absolutely are one. There has been a deep level of commitment from yourself, previously, into the bringing forth of Earth civilization potentials. This engagement with myself is not new, and yet, in this particular time, in this particular period of mass consciousness, there are opportunities for you and I to be working together very directly.

There are certain energies which I hold consistently, somewhat irrespective of the human consciousness for the planet responds directly to my consciousness. And yet, a significant part of my role is holding a playing field on which human consciousness may experience and unfold. Therefore, it is with the alignment of such as yourself that I may initiate certain processes. It is as though there are a number of opportunities present, many opportunities present. And yet, it needs a certain number of people, or people of a certain power and strength of alignment, to be willing to step forward on the surface of the planet to call those processes forth, to initiate a level of energy which may only response to the free will of human consciousness.

In this respect, since much human consciousness is self-nullifying, the clarity of the few is sufficient to allow significant engagement here. The potency of changes is reflected very clearly at two levels. One is in this deeper level, where even as you are apparently resting, there is an engagement with me at a deeper level in terms of initiation of some of these bigger processes. There is also another level of initiation. As you touch individuals on the surface, you create openings in their energy, which open opportunities for their greater alignment.

Therefore, if there are groups that form around your predominant consciousness, and that may align with that consciousness, then the potency is significantly amplified through that process of shared aligned calling.

I feel the above very powerfully. I am not sure any more needs to be said. I am not sure how to say it more clearly. If you can hear this and if it resonates as something you would like to partake in and contribute to, I invite you to join me. As stated above, I do not have access yet to know the agendas or processes I am engaging. I do know enough to trust it, to trust myself, to offer it to others now. This is my new step.