What people would call the divine feminine, the void space, the womb space, or the NO–thing space, whether this is a high archetype or whether this is a portal or whether this is divinity, whatever label we want to call it, this is the essence of my being. I am this. And I hear also, that this knowing is not to be a limitation on me. So be it.

As this was becoming tangible to me, I had a fun play with the nonphysical beings. It is interesting how things land, and how we become aware of them. I became aware that landed by hearing the question within myself, “What is it that I want to do with this?” There was a new knowing I have gained access to it, or it has become usable within me. And this is when I heard my beloved friends, laughing, and they responded, “Yes, Marybeth, this has been our question to you all along! What is it that you want to do with it?”

Uncle Lee – 05/09/2017

“There is this point reached where there is a trust and a faith possible in this weave of ideas, where a flow of energy may be permitted to flow more freely through you, where the guiding sense is going to be one of feel, simply feeling something that is energetic, that is joyful, that is inspiring. It is the kind of energy that brings a dance into your expression in the physical, a dance into your step, a dance into your movement. And with the love and graciousness that flows through you with such energy, there is no concern about how that may be received by others. For it flows through you in a harmony, and that sense of harmony becomes the new stability.

“It is the harmony of a higher level of energy, beautifully and fluidly flowing through to slightly lesser vibrational levels at which manifestation may occur in the physical. The feel of such flow, of such a weave, such a weave as it comes through from this capstone space is multidimensional.”

Thoth – 5/15/17

“A wave of energy flows in and across the planet, or across a region of the planet, bringing with it and giving rise to a civilization, an expansion of the consciousness that has been on the planet. There is a fundamental energy which flows through all flavors of risings of civilizations. Therefore, there is an abundance of names. The Sophia energy has been referred to as a fundamental energy that underlies multiple civilizations. Some individual names, such as Athena, appear to relate more to a specific rising of a civilization. Yet, it is still the same fundamental energy. Into a particular time, there is a variation in flavor that is experienced. So, just as there can be many flowers within a species of flower, so there can be many flavors through which this particular energy may come.”

Shariq – 6/29/2011

“The pink light is very much a Goddess light that is coming into your space to replace and replenish that which is being released. It looks like there is energies, I am seeing a mix of Goddess energies. It looks like a wide array. I am seeing Hathors’ energy, I am seeing Mary Magdalene. And also aspects of the original teachings and mythologies of Goddess light across different cultures. I am seeing bits and pieces from Indian mythology, from Middle Eastern. It looks like the pieces are collecting, and at some point you might bring them together in some kind of channeling information about updating Goddess energies. It looks like a project for you.

“And I am also seeing aspects of silver and gold lights weaving both up and down in spirals. The guides are saying this is a part of your balancing of the masculine feminine.”

This wave of energy that stirs the rising of a civilization is once again present on the planet. The tide is starting to come in. The way I was able to hear the information on the Goddess energy in 2011 was more literally writing, like a school research project. I do remember, somewhere between then and now, I acknowledged, probably mostly mentally, that I understood that I / we would be literally rewriting the stories. I saw it then as I had rewritten my own personal story, and understood how that worked on a micro basis, I knew I would know how to rewrite the history of the planet.

Now I am beginning to see how to do it. I expand into each goddess who walked this path before / as me.

Athena – 05/15/2017

“If you would be willing to draw upon me, if you would be willing to draw upon the collection of archetypal energies, which my essence embraces. It would be a great honor to me to share principles, ideas, initiatives, impressions, feelings, that may empower you may become a strand of beauty woven into that which you move forward to manifest.”

Quan Yin – 04/20/2015

“My energy is that of peace and that of compassion. Marybeth, I am particularly honored, for you have chosen to hold within your being, my being. And I know this being of mine is welcome within the aspects of your being. There is an aspect within this energy which is always present and yet beyond the present for it is an eternal quality. Although there is an ebb and a flow of the energies, the quality neither waxes nor wanes. It maintains itself. It is an essence, an essence of the All That Is, and an essence of beauty.

“My dear Marybeth, you hold my energies and you honor my energies, and you honor that I AM. And indeed, you are a part of me and I perhaps am a part of you. And yet I honor also that there are additional energies that are being woven by that larger aspect of yourself into the beingness of who and what you are now and what you are becoming, for you are expanding beyond the concepts of peace and compassion into a more active form of transformation which is both very present and very possible now. And these are very beautiful times.”

Isis – 04/13/2017

“If you should loosely hold within your consciousness the idea that certain established and yet magical flows from Egyptian times are available to you now, in this time to begin to bring them forth, and allow those to contribute to the weave of that which you create, then, there is an energy here that sits very much behind you that is available to you.”

By expanding into the beingness of these other flavors, or the collection of archetypal energies, then we have this wide array of Goddess energies that have already played out to choose from, and to work with, in what we wish to bring forward now. It is literally a bringing forward of energies of our choosing to allow them to play out in this next unfolding of the rising of a civilization, or a golden age. It is simply seeing the choices, seeing the flavors, discerning what it is we want for this Day, and directing the energy, bringing it forward out of this NO-thing space.

Or said another way, we talk to those who have played in this energy and have brought it forward in any time-line, and we brainstorm about what flavor we want to create now. We use their / our experience to create what is most appropriate, or most desired in this Day.