I went for tea with a friend / neighbor today.

It  was a very unusual meeting. She is a very unusual lady. Her viewpoint, her perspective, is very different from mine. And she was able to articulate that so clearly … and consistently. She reflected back to me many times what an extraordinary person I am. She sees me. She made it clear she sees me. She spoke of how different it must be to come from my perspective, and live in this world. I listened. I tried to really hear her, to let it in. It was not something to be taken lightly. Haha, nor something to be serious about, of course! But I did feel opportunity in it for she was present to me and willing to offer what she saw. And she sees.

She said that Jesus and Buddha have very little written / known about their early years, but when they awakened, they had a task, or a purpose to fulfill. She asked me what my task was.

I really heard the question and really felt the validity of the question deep inside me. It is possible it was that part of the conversation which started a tremor in my lower body. It was an odd experience. My legs were literally bouncing. My upper body was still.

I do not know what happened within that experience. I shared with her what my body was doing, and from her perspective, she shared she had asked her guides before our meeting for a healing for herself. She wondered if what I was experiencing was a channel that wanted to speak through me for her. As she said the word “healing”, the tremor abruptly stopped. That was just really odd. I asked, and looked, while in all aspects of that experience, and I do not know what it was about. I don’t know if it was about me or about her.

I wonder now if being seen that way, and allowing myself to really listen, allowed a new level of terror to surface around being seen, and my ability to sit there in conversation and discuss it and let it be there allowed it to leave. It was abrupt. It was not a dissolving or a softening. I didn’t turn my attention away and forget about it. I held my attention on it and the conversation and the watching of both pieces. And it simply just turned off while I was watching. It turned off in mid-bounce even. The turning off of the tremor was a statement.