I woke up in a new space this morning. There are no words really, it was an experience. But since this is an expression in words, I will put some words around it. Firstly, this space was not separate from me. And yet it was new. It was beauty. There was a brightness of light that came with it. I would say all of me was illumined, but I do not know if it could be seen by a physical eye looking at me. Yes, that is all I have. I did wait several hours to write down my thoughts this morning, so much is not there. I choose to focus on my new Kundalini Yoga practice instead of bringing this piece in more tangibly.

So the first observing of this new space lasted a short amount of time. But I continued to play with the energies of it for several hours this morning. And I also do not have great words for what that means. I find I weave different thoughts and tools into the process of observing something. The fullness of it, or a more magnified fullness possibly, came back in during that session. There is a different feel to the space from my normal walking around space, but the most obvious shift is the amount of light in that space. And again, it came and went.

So let me share a little bit that I think I know about this process and what we are doing. Again, for this purpose, I will just share what Rick and I have been doing specifically. Obviously many are involved in bringing this in in one way or another. So this is not exclusive, it is just an example.

The bigger picture is that there is a separation that occurs at the physical level on our planet at present. People have experiences in the dream space. People have experiences in meditation spaces. People have experiences in the walking-around space. And yet it is one or the other.

In essence, we are seeking to bring pieces together, pieces of consciousness. Several months ago we started playing consciously to start to see simultaneously through just two of these levels of being, the sleep space and the waking space. By playing consciously in these two spaces, there was and is an opportunity to establish a connection that is felt tangibly. And as we feel it, and are getting used to feeling the vibrational levels associated with it, then over time we anticipate there is becoming a capability to manage that vibrational level concurrently with the walking-around state.

One level of looking at this is the sleep space is more easily connected to broader levels of consciousness. So by aligning the sleep space with the waking space, it brings an empowerment to the walking-around space which has been somewhat energetically disconnected from the broader aspects of consciousness.

So we started with the two aspects, looking to manage the waking state concurrently with an awareness from the sleep space. From my experience and the way I have worked with things in the past, I see that step as being the most difficult one, simply because it was the first experience with something like that. Once I have a familiarity, then I choose the word “success”, and know I have an understanding of the feelings, the energies, and how that works.

So then, when I reach for a further level, it becomes more immediately recognizable. This is what I saw in the hours this morning playing with this new space that is available. These different parts of consciousness have been or still are separate from the physical consciousness. And if we can bridge it, if we can establish a firm link between the physical level and these alternate consciousness levels, then the potential to play opens in many vast ways. This is some of what I see happening and available now. This space that is opening is one of freedom, where I can reconnect to and experience these expanded levels of myself – while in the physical consciously.

So, in this process I stepped into this morning in this new space, by just simply being aware as this process is going on, it opened a further opportunity for a tangible awareness to land of this different energetic frequency. I know that as I can feel this and bring my awareness to it, I can choose to match it or step into it, bringing it into my physical body and experiences. Yes, it takes practice, but equally yes, I know this is me and therefore I can create it to be more usable.