These pages offer excerpts or summaries of some of the discussions and meditations on topics that Rick and I have explored ourselves or with others. Sometimes when we are exploring a topic in discussion, we feel beings (non-physical) come in to join us. Sometimes the room suddenly gets very full! And sometimes we feel the presence of a particular being.

We also connect with many beings or consciousnesses in the meditational space. Sometimes it is clearly a group effort of many beings and yet there is one spokesperson. Sometimes it is more like a conversation with an individual. You may notice the different flavors in these communications. My focus here is not so much the source of the information, but the tangibility and usability of information we intuit or experience coming through.

I often feel alive and empowered after discussions we open. And I always find the non-physical communications from the meditational space to be very gracious and uplifting. I appreciate the encouragement and reflections as I continue to awaken to who I am. I consider both of these spaces to be channeled spaces.

It is from a space of appreciation that I desire to share them. It is from the results I see in my own life after playing here that I desire to share them. May you take them in as your own, as you choose, and may you create your beingness as you choose. I wish you a joyful and empowering exploratory experience.