Synchronicity in the last couple weeks has spiraled me back to Cities of Light. And Sedona has been on my mind so much again. A visit when we can travel again may be in order. It will be interesting to see if/how this evolves, and if it is connected to our new project at / with The Gables.

Within the synchronicity, and following the energy threads, I spoke with a friend from Sedona, the other day. She called it cosmic timing what is going on here. She works with the Cities of Light work by Lori Toye. I have not come across that name before, but as I browse it, it resonates in general, at least. The Cities of Light are connected to Shambala. I know that, and it always surprises me at the same time.

She and her partner found themselves touring the US last summer and found themselves going to four of five Cities of Light in the US. They have a good friend in the 5th location and were not called to go there. She is not aware of doing anything at any of the places, just needing to be there.

In addition, she said, “Not too long ago, I read that one of the most powerful places is in the Chapel area in Sedona. Of course, that is where your crystal is. I have been giving that more attention in the last few days. I shared that location of your crystal activation with two other people, high level beings.”

Later she said, “I have been talking about you in the last couple of months because of the experience of the two of us at the restaurant. When I was talking about it just recently, I get chills all over my body and all over my head. That identifies a super cosmic truth kind of thing.” What she is referring to here was the day / the moment we met, when she found herself offering to help me find my crystal.

I do think I will come back to the crystal and review that information, but today I wish to stay with Cities of Light.

My current understanding is the “concept of Cities of Light is one of these pre-agreed, we could possibly use the term pre-destined in the sense that, over time, it is likely that the experience of these will be drawn into the planet. It is not all areas of the planet that hold these particular thoughts, for that in itself would be too great of a restriction or limitation on free will. Therefore, there are certain places that have established connections to the domain of Shambala which have access to this higher level of energy that can more readily reflect and be manifested within those particular zones on the planet. Glastonbury is one such domain.

“Such domains provide an intuitive awakening for those present in such domains who are open to that reflection. Also, such domains may draw to them those more advanced beings who already understand some of these principles consciously, who may then actively assist in the holding of the energies and the accelerating of the further drawing into these domains of people and energies that can accelerate the process of the seeding of such consciousness. It is appropriate that on the planet certain areas will be seeded with a heightened consciousness. That provides a contrast for others to notice the difference, and in their own time, choose when such a deeper engagement may take place for them.

“The switch to golden age is also reflected and tied this principle, for in the linear past, as we have it constructed, it has been possible for individuals to connect with such domains, to hold their connection, to ground some of the energies between the ethereal or astral models and their counterparts in the physical. It has always been possible for individuals to advance and ascend. Yet now, since the harmonic convergence, it has become possible to seed communities. Therefore, the manifestation of these energies brought down, connected, grounded, by a group, empowers the change of energies within a district.

“These energies that are available will then permit people simply coming in to these domains to shed difficulties and resistances without the same degree of previous struggle, for there is a magnetizing component in the vortexual energies grounded and made accessible, which is sufficiently close to current human frequencies, that human biology can be influenced by it. Therefore, there will be a natural changing at the body level and at the energetic level without necessarily there being the focus of deliberate, conscious thought. And yet that conscious thought will align with the process, noticing simply the feeling of well-being, and like a plant, a flower, moving toward the sun, to be drawn intuitively towards that well-being.”

One of my early understandings of the golden age we are stepping into is that it is accomplished by developing these natural areas of heightened energies, or these Cities of Light. It makes sense to my mental mind how we can bring this about.

And, really, it just brings me joy to think about the possibilities here and now.