Every moment. The magic is landing, arising, flowing, palpable. Much is in the cauldron and is in process and opening. So much has been swirling. So much I see. And then I sit to write and it all disappears. Is there too much? Do I not have a focus as to what I wish to write?

Today is a day where I am learning how to hold the magic and go into a focus to create from it. I recognized the belief this morning, when I was enjoying a workout, that I was going to have to come down off my high or I wouldn’t get anything done today, but the magic and the beauty was so enticing, I knew I did not want to leave it intentionally. In the recognition of the belief and the opposing desire, I decided to make a shift in the belief today.

I am in the midst of calling in a website. It will encompass what I have absorbed from the Magical Awakening play. It will give a platform for more to reach me. It may also encompass the opening of mathematics as I am seeing it. It is past seed form already and is beginning to sprout.

More play in “What is me and what is the other?” I have a friend here who is creating a six-month course called The Gift of Persephone. There is small group of us starting to gather around the Magdalene energies, and in particular the book, Magdalene Mysteries. I feel the connection between the two. I understand that what is (potential anyway) going to be born from this course is a practice, a way of life, a course that will be taught to many, that embodies the Magdalene, that is an expression in this new age. In some ways, it is very simple. The result, the “what it looks like in motion” is simple. How could it be otherwise?

It was suggested several years ago that I would have the opportunity to expand the legacy of consciousness, in particular the Goddess network, that has been established expressly in Glastonbury. I thought it would look different than it does. Yet, I feel my alignment now. I know my ability now to reach and to draw power and to direct it. And as this opened for me in the last two days, I am able to make this connection back to the words given to me back when we first landed here.

The friend that is putting together the course is one whom I have known our connection for some time now. We met in an astrology course and at the end of it I knew we needed to exchange contact information, so we did not lose connection. I was speaking with a friend of hers who does work on the land in and around Glastonbury, both in growing food and also in energetic work, and he told me she is a priestess of Avalon who has helped him in his work when that energy was needed. Maybe there will come a connection sometime with the Goddess Temple women, as I had assumed it would be through, but I know this opportunity with this friend/priestess.

I have also noticed, with the help of playing in Magical Awakening, the way I move energy, use power, weave harmonics into that which is to reform it. In watching this land yesterday, I was not sure if I was simply seeing the future and then able to align around it, or if was seeing one of the potentials, and my choosing to align with it is what would open it. I have been pointed in the past to the importance in my choosing, choosing where to live, choosing what land to visit, to walk on, choosing what experiences to play in. Combining the two, I am starting today to seed the knowing that I am creating the future, not seeing it. And yes, of course, I know this. For when I see things that are not my preference, I do not put energy into them and I look for something different to land.

Probably not great words yet, but it is starting to make sense to me, so the words will come as more forms.